10 Thіngs Pаtrick Mаhomes Cаn’t Lіve Wіthout

10 Thіngs Pаtrick Mаhomes Cаn’t Lіve Wіthout

Patrick Mahomes’ Essentials

I wear it to pretty much any big event, kind of get the stun a little bit on everybody, especially the guys that don’t have them.

What’s up, Gq?

This is Patrick Mahomes, and these are my essentials.

Big Snack Guy

My snacks.

Oh, oh, yep, there it is.

I have to keep my body in shape, so no one tell my trainer this or the Chiefs, but I’m a big snacker.

I like to eat a lot of chips, candy, whatever it is, especially at nighttime, which I know is the worst part of the day.

To eat snacks, I always grab either a purple bag of Doritos, which I just got on-

I used to be a cool ranch guy, but now I’m on the purple bag-

Or I grabbed some some gummies with, like the Jolly Rancher, gummies, Green’s, my favorite flavor- or Starburst.

I know there’s a bunch of debate about this, but the red flavor is definitely the best, and I like the pink too.

But red, come on.

Let’s end the debate.


So the next essential is definitely sunglasses.

And uh, you know me, you know I’m rocking the Oakleys.

Let me go and throw them on for y’all, this style of Oakley.

I I’ve kind of felt like it’s like mine.

I went to the headquarters of the Oakley.

Uh, studio, right when I signed with them-

And this is like the first one that I picked out

And I hadn’t seen anybody really rocking them.

Um, they kind of that snowboarder type swag, but the same time I thought I could make it mine and bring it to the football World.

The Athlete World kind of covers up your face a little bit.

Uh, you can be Incognito, no one knows what you’re thinking, no one can see your eyes.

The Ring

And then the new swag that they got going with these lenses and, uh, the frames of them- is something that I think I’m gonna rock a lot this season

Obviously it means a ton to me.

Uh, what I do for a living to be able to have this.

This is the Pinnacle.

That’s what you want whenever you step on a football field, no matter if you’re in Peewee football, I know High School, whatever it is, your dream is to win the Super Bowl and that first one, that first one hits different.

I wear it to pretty much any big event- kind of get the stun a little bit on everybody, especially guys that don’t have them.

At the same time, it’s something that just means the most to you.

Adidas Mahomes 1

Another key essential that I always have on definitely got to be the Mahomes ones to have your own signature shoe.

When you’re growing up and you’re watching, you see Jordan, see Lebron, his James Harden.

Not a lot of Nfl players have their own signature shoe.

A lot of them have cleats.

For Adidas to give me the opportunity to have my own signature shoe, they let me completely help design the whole shoe and for me I want them to be a lifestyle shoe but at the same time something that you can train in man.

Obviously with me I train all the time

And I want to be able to run and cut.

Like they’re high top, they’re a little bit sturdier at the top.

Here they got a firm bottom where you can really train in.

At the same time, you can throw them on with jeans, you can walk around the house, you could go out to eat with them and I definitely had to bring out kind of a one of a kind- this is actually my wedding shoe that the Adidas made for me.

I mean you can see they got the the diamonds on them, really kind of stunned with the light blue, which is my wedding color.

So I’m sorry everybody.

These are one of ones and no one else can get them.

The Wife

Yeah, the next essential that you always got to get, always got have where.

Where did I even?

Um, it’s Brittany, my wife, so my wife, Brittany.

Uh, she’s the best.

She’s more than my wife, though she’s my best friend.

That’s so nice of you, you know, and so she’s definitely essential that I have every day and supports me every day.

I mean personally, I don’t think you could get out the house if it wasn’t for me.

I wish I had kids here too, because the whole fam, you know, we’re always together wherever we go, yeah, and I feel like once you have kids, you’re just.

They’re essential to your everyday life and without them, it’s just.

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