50 Cent BLASTS Diddy With Evidence For K!lling Tupac…. Set Up Keffe?

50 Cent BLASTS Diddy With Evidence For K!lling Tupac…. Set Up Keffe?

Sh0ts fired y’all. Best believe that if there’s one person who wants to see Diddy behind bars it’s 50 Cent! And boy! He is not holding back!

First, it was Fif making an unprovoked Instagram post on October 9th alleging that Puff was responsible for Pac’s death, and he even went further on to advise him to lawyer up.

His post also included a photo of 2Pac and Suge Knight sitting in the black BMW sedan the night of the drive-by shooting.


As if that wasn’t enough, 50 also said in the middle of his performance, that maybe he says all the things he says about Diddy koz he is the one who ordered the hit that took out Pac.

Before that, 50 had also said that he would never go to Diddy’s parties basically because he is convinced that Diddy is on the DL.

50 Cent has been very vocal about Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs and he recently gave him a ‘piece of advice’ claiming he should ‘lawyer up’ after 50 believes Puffy was involved in Tupac Shakur’s murder

After Keefe D claimed Diddy wanted them gone and would pay them $1 Million to ‘take care of them’.

50 Cent posted a picture of Tupac in the classic black BMW

50’s post had one of the pictures that became famous after the infamous Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas where Tupac was gunned down back on September 7th 1996.

Puff Daddy hasn’t responded yet, however, Keefe D claims he did not receive the $500,000 that Puff had reportedly promised.

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