50 Cent Exclusively Reveals New Footage That Will Put Diddy Behind Bars..

50 Cent Exclusively Reveals New Footage That Will Put Diddy Behind Bars..

It’s open season on Diddy and if anyone is making the most of it, it’s 50 Cent. Diddy has been forced into hiding following the recent string of allegations against him.

From Cassie’s lawsuit to close comrades blowing the whistle on his nasty business over the years, it’s been a PR nightmare for the hip-hop mogul.

However, what most people don’t know is that Fif was onto Diddy before anyone even knew about the skeletons in his closet.

Back in 2010, Fif jumped on an interview and spilled the deets on how Diddy treated Cassie.

However, back then, Fifty’s bombshell interview faded into oblivion. But now the landscape has changed. Diddy no longer holds the same position in the industry he did back then.

And it seems like everyone has something to say against him, especially Fifty who could very well become the reason for Diddy in an orange jumpsuit.

Just what crucial evidence did Fif get his hands on? And is it enough to land Diddy in jail? Let’s find out.


Why Is 50 Cent Going So Hard at Diddy Recently?

50 Cent has been going in on Diddy nonstop for nearly two weeks in the wake of a disturbing lawsuit brought against the Bad Boy Entertainment mogul by his former girlfriend Cassie on Nov. 16.

The singer accused Diddy of years of sexual assault and physical abuse but the lawsuit was settled out of court within 24 hours. In the days since, 50 Cent has relentlessly taunted Puff with social media posts.

Check out 50’s IG post below to see him clown Diddy for patting Jay-Z’s rear end.

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