50 Cent EXPOSES Diddy for leaking Cassie’s PICS to him

50 Cent’s rant against Diddy from 2010 regarding his relationship with Cassie has resurfaced after the Bad Boy Records founder was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend.

Talking to DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45, 50 claimed he was sent explicit photos of Cassie and confronted Diddy about it over the phone.

“They sent me the girl’s pictures,” he said, referring to Cassie. “Not the shit that y’all saw — worse, way worse. Like penetration pictures.

“I called the n-gga and I said, ‘Yo, you fucking with this girl, you like her like that?’ He said, ‘Yeah, that’s my girl.’ So I said, ‘Alright, I’ma send you something. You look at it and you call me back.’”


He continued: “I sent him the photos, the pictures and everything. The n-gga called back and was like, ‘Yo, thanks, man. I really appreciate that. Yo, where you get these shits from?’

“They know if something crazy is going on, if they send it to me, I’ll make sure it gets out there, so they sent it to me. I really kinda felt like those photographs were not happening because of Cassie, I felt like they were happening because of Puffy.”

50 also called Diddy a “bitch” during the interview and clowned him over his Diddy – Dirty Money trio, suggesting he linked up with Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper so he could be the “hot” one in the group and attract other men.

He added: “He’ll tell you himself: what happens in Miami, stays in Miami.”

The audio, which was reuploaded to YouTube on Sunday (November 19), can be heard below.

Ever since Cassie filed a lawsuit against Diddy last week accusing him of rape and domestic abuse during their relationship — accusations the rap mogul vehemently denies — 50 Cent has been trolling his long-time rival.

“Damn brother love, brother love, brother love, you out here looking [eyes emoji] CRAZY AS A MF. LMAO,” the G-Unit mogul wrote on Instagram.

50 Cent's Tirade Against Diddy Over Explicit Cassie Photos Resurfaces After Lawsuit

Following the announcement that the pair had settled the suit, 50 added in a separate post: “LOL He paid that money real quick, should have done that before the sharks saw the blood in the water and here they come in 5,4,3,2,1 every woman he put his hand on.”

50 has a long history of taking jabs at Diddy, recently making remarks about the nature of the “Bad Boy For Life” rapper’s parties: “That’s why I don’t be going to them Puffy parties. Uh-uh. N-gga hug you from the front and the back at the same time? Fuck you talkin’ about?”

He added: “Look, if you into that, you into that, I’m fine with it. To each his own. I’m just sayin’ this ain’t my motherfuckin’ kind of party. It’s uncomfortable. I think I belong in the girls bathroom when shit like that is going on.”

It’s unclear if 50 Cent’s resurfaced comments have anything to do with the claims made by Cassie in the lawsuit about Diddy hiring male prostitutes and forcing her to have se3 with them.

Rumors of intimate photos of Cassie and Diddy have circulated for over a decade, first appearing on Tila Tequila’s blog in 2010.

At the time, she write “Somebody out there is trying to leak some scandalous photos of Diddy, in some compromising positions with one of his artists, Cassie.

“Some dude on the street is trying to sell some pics, speculated to be about a year old. One of the pics shows Puffy sitting in what looks like a steam room or sauna, with a virtually naked Cassie sitting on his lap, both wearing no more than one towel… haha.

“Then there’s another picture that shows definitely Diddy’s lips in a one-on-one smack down with definitely Cassie’s lips!! Now, the legality of these pics are questionable, because the dude trying to sell them won’t reveal where or how he got them, which means, dangerously litigious material! So we ain’t effin with it!”

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