50 Cent had breakfast and sightseeing on his private plane

In addition to being well-known for his songs,

50 Cent loves to show off his wealth on the internet and promotes his raw honesty.

While traveling on his third flight of the week, Curtis James Jackson III eats on board.

The rapper maintains his physique, promising his fans that he will Һit the gym as soon as he lands.

In his most recent airline images, he was seen standing on the steps prior to boarding and eating (once while reading the newspaper). Fifty loves luxury and technology, and she has a private jet.

50 Cent was determined not to let his supporters believe he lacked one after Floyd Mayweather received his in 2016. He said to the former boxer, “You aint the only one with a private jet,” in an Instagram video. He may be seen in the video personalizing his N424SK aircraft with Effen’s.

The aircraft has eight leather seats that are beige in color. 50 Cent seems to have chosen a new kind for daily flying based on recent pictures. In the last several days, the music mogul shared multiple images taken from the Cessna 510 aircraft’s cockpit while on another trip. The leather seats on the seven-person aircraft are cream in tone.

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