50 Cent Reacts To Viral Clip Of Black Man Fending Off 7 White Guys, Punching Them Into The Multiverse: ‘Not A Problem’

50 Cent was impressed by a viral video of a Black guy beating up seven white guys.

Fif took to Instagram on Thursday to reshare a clip of a group standing poolside pool. The Black man is having a conversation with the group of white soon-to-be foes, and the person shooting the video says, “He won’t shake his hand.” There’s clearly a disagreement in play, which leads the Black guy to punch one of the white guys.

“When you step to the wrong person it never goes well. Forget the odds! 7 to 1, not a problem,” 50 wrote, applauding the effort.

The rest of the white guys jump in, and while you might assume that’s the end of it, think again. The white guys land some punches but the Black guy fights back and ends up knocking a few of them out before he’s pulled away. The person behind the camera repeatedly says “oh my god,” before adding, “He’s one against seven.”

50 Cent reposted the video from X user @NikkiThaGodB1, who originally shared it on Wednesday morning. It’s racked up 8.6 million views so far.

Twitter: @NikkiThaGodB1

“Some of the regulars at a pool party ended up taking an unexpected dive after several of them tried to jump the Black guy,” she wrote. “He then ended up educating them with some swift diversity training.”

It’s worth noting that besides what’s visible and what @NikkiThaGodB1 tweeted, we don’t have additional context.

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