50 Cent Reveals Why Kim Porter Was Afraid Of Didd

50 Cent Reveals Why Kim Porter Was Afraid Of Diddy

Okay, we all know how people like Gene and 50 Cent have been going hard on P Diddy for years.

But I can guarantee you that the things I’m about to spill, even 50 don’t know half of.

Like the real reason, Kim Porter was afraid of Diddy! Does it have anything to do with the laptops stolen from her house before she di3d?


Before I begin shout out to Tuff News who’s gone over and beyond to get so much information about what really happened to Kim.

Internet troll and rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has trained his sights on Diddy, Puff Daddy, Brother Love, whatever Sean Combs is calling himself at the moment.

According to Complex, Jackson has been busy on social media trolling Combs as the mogul battles multiple sexual assault allegations. After Combs temporarily stepped down from his position as the CEO of REVOLT, a TV network he co-founded in 2014, Jackson taunted Combs to sell REVOLT to him.

Jackson continued stoking the fire on Dec. 3, posting an Instagram photo mashing together R. Kelly and Combs over R. Kelly’s 1998 song, “Did You Ever Think.”

Following that post, Jackson commented in another post containing a screenshot of a New York Times article questioning if Combs would survive the current wave of accusations.

“No he will be fine,” Jackson began, XXL Magazine reported. “He has so much money, when his corporate partners pull out. He will just reach in his pockets and make it happen. You saw how fast he paid Cassie. He’s a real Billionaire, he has f*ck you money guys, So f*ck you!”

Jackson has neither explicitly confirmed nor denied the speculation that he is producing a documentary about the allegations surrounding Combs. Instead, Jackson seems to enjoy the chaos.

50 Cent Continues To Troll Diddy—And It Is Absolutely Scathing

Shortly before Combs stepped down, Dawn Montgomery, a co-host of Monuments and Me, a show dedicated to Black women’s successes and issues, declined to return to the podcast for a new season because of her personal conviction as a sexual assault survivor.

“I still would like to hear from Revolt’s leadership as there are men in those positions who could’ve provided a safe space for [sexual assault] survivors like myself,” Montgomery told NBC News.

“I cannot sign back on and say that I want to be paid to do a podcast where a few of the episodes were probably going to reflect this conversation. Diddy and his people could never do anything towards me to make me feel like I needed to continue to be quiet.”

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