50 Cent Sides with Draymond Green after punching Jusuf Nurkić

The incident that happened between Draymond Green and Jusuf Nurki has made the NBA officials to give Freen an indefinite suspension as that is tagged a violent act, now,

Rapper 50 cent os actually defending the NBA players “Draymond Green”.

Draymond Green Allegedly punched Jusuf Nurkić during by their game on Tuesday December 12, which warranted his indefinite suspension,

50 Cent Draymond Green

but rapper 50 cent has reacted to the news on Wed 13th December as he clearly defends the NBA player’s action of Punching the his fellow player during a game.

50 Cent actually released a video capturing the incident as he captioned below the video clip saying “This fool is my favorite player, WTF Is wrong wit him, that was a mistake, I will apologize for him. [raised eyebrow emoji] come on it’s a physical game.”

50 Cent coming out to speak on behalf of the NBA player “Draymond Green” could be seen as an act of fan love following the fact that he was given an indefinite suspension which is actually going to be of a very bag influence in his career.

Moreover, some people are saying that 50 cent is actually supporting the violent act of the player, but the truth remains that the rapper is just trying to help the player out as he already stated that it might just be a mistake.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent has actually appeared to be the only rapper who comes out to defend NBA player “Draymond Green” when ever he gets ejected for any of his violent acts, Last season, 50 Cent also defended Green after he was ejected for stomping on Sacramento Kings’ Domantas Sabonis during a playoff .

“50 im a big stepper, i’m out here steppin on s**t it’s the play offs. i was sitting there looking like oh sh*t!”

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