50 Cent Unveils Diddy’s Agenda: Exposing Attempts to Groom Young Rappers!

50 Cent Unveils Diddy’s Agenda: Exposing Attempts to Groom Young Rappers!

Word on the street is that Michael Rubin is the new Diddy. Or has he always just been like Diddy with all the alleged grooming of young rappers?

Damn! That video never gets old! Anyway, looks like what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas y’all.

And yes! I’m talking about that star studded party that Michael Rubin threw that had him in what some are calling some very compromising positions with Lil Baby. And what happened next was 50 Cent calling out men like him, and once again, Diddy for grooming young rappers.


50 Cent says the most recent episode of Power Book III: Raising Kanan ensures its title as, in the executive producer’s opinion, “the best show” currently on TV.

Over on Instagram, where 50 stays active and routinely makes headlines, he shared several behind-the-scenes images from the Starz series’ Season 3 production. As fans know, Raising Kanan wrapped its third season earlier this month with an episode directed by Eif Rivera.

“That last episode solidified Raising Kanan as the best show in the [Power] universe and all of TV right now,” 50, who also shouted out the work of writer Sascha Penn, said on IG.

The prequel series centers on a younger version of 50’s Power character Kanan, played by Mekai Curtis. In a recent interview with Karla Rodriguez for Complex, Curtis reflected on how it feels to be a part of the larger Power universe now that the original series is approaching its tenth anniversary.

“I was a fan of the show before, this is before I even knew it was really going to turn into a universe,” Curtis told Complex. “But to then become a part of that, to be part of such a legacy and such a part of the culture, that’s that’s all you can ask for as as an artist, as an actor.”

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