7 minutes ago He Looked Back at previous !nt!mate moments: 50 Cent REVEALED Jay Z and Diddy’s Secret Love Affair

7 minutes ago He Looked Back at previous !nt!mate moments: 50 Cent REVEALED Jay Z and Diddy’s Secret Love Affair

It appears that the ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Jay-Z is about to turn into a nuclear war with catastrophic results.

Well, we all knew that these rappers were taking shots at each other for decades, but this time, 50 Cent raised the stakes in his beef with Jay-Z and publicly insinuated that he was having an affair with Diddy.

And apparently, it’s not just throwing shade because 50 has some serious proof to back up his statement! In this video we talk about diddy, 50 cent talking about diddy being gay, did 50 cent tell diddy that he’s gay?

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50 Cent Trolls Diddy With Old Video of Him Patting Jay-Z’s Butt During Performance

The three were performing together during a stop on the Screamfest ‘07.50 Cent has more smoke for Diddy after digging through his video archives.

After months of trolling Diddy—first with accusations of being involved in 2Pac’s murder,and more recently, over the Bad Boy Records founder facing multiple allegations of sexual assault and rape—50 went to Instagram with another joke.

The “21 Questions” rapper posted footage from Screamfest ’07, his joint tour with T.I., and in the clip, we see Diddy and Jay-Z performing alongside the tour headliners.

Just as Hov begins his 2003 song “Encore,” Diddy is seen smacking Hov’s backside several times.”20 machine guns, only get 10 months, Diddy in the Back, pattin on n****s butts,” 50 Cent wrote in the caption, referencing T.I.’s 2007 arrest on gun charges.

“Nah I ain’t wit it, I ain’t never been wit it. Barz LOL.”The caption’s opening line also nods to G-Unit’s 2008 song “You So Tough,” where he subliminally accuses T.I. of being a police informant in exchange for a shortened sentence.

Although 50’s jabs at Diddy on social media have been relentless in the past two weeks, the rapper and mogul seemed to ease up post-Thanksgiving, when a second sexual assault lawsuit was filed against Diddy.

Last Friday, Diddy was named in a third lawsuit under the New York Adult Survivor’s Act, where a woman accused the artist and R&B singer Aaron Hall of taking turns raping her in either 1990 or 1991.Days after the alleged incident, the woman says that Diddy came to her home and assaulted her.

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