A high school aged Patrick Mahomes sent out this Tweet back in 2013

Swifties have mounted pressure on the singer to avoid the polarizing Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes’ little brother Jackson Mahomes sought out Taylor Swift for a postgame hug after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win on Sunday, but her reaction in the awkward moment seemed to reveal her true feelings about the polarizing social media figure, a body language expert says.

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VIDEO: Taylor Swift’s true feelings toward Jackson Mahomes jump out during Super Bowl hug

Speaking to The US Sun, body language expert Patti Wood concluded that it’s clear that Mahomes and Swift “aren’t close,” a verdict that Swifties shared with joy on social media.

“She got tf away from him real quick,” wrote one fan under the video on Twitter/X.

“I’m screaming, Jackson showed up and she dipped,” cackled one Swiftie, while another applauded Taylor for the “professional swerve.”

What do Swifties think of Jackson Mahomes?
Swift’s fans hold her to a high standard. When she started spending more time with Patrick’s wife, Brittany Mahomes, at Chiefs games while she cheered on boyfriend Travis Kelce, the vocal fan base warned her not to associate with Jackson, who had a bad reputation because of a high-profile sexual battery case, which was recently dropped.

The 23-year-old Mahomes is also criticized for his flashy behavior on social media and being a social climber due to his brother’s status as the face of the NFL. It came up multiple times on Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas: first during a viral moment where he was left hanging by Brittany at a night club, and then again on his way down to the field to celebrate the Chiefs win, just moments before the interaction with Swift.

To further complicate matters, Jackson was spotted with Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, over the weekend in Las Vegas.

Despite every reason not to like or associate with the younger Mahomes, Taylor Swift took the high road and handled herself with dignity in the awkward postgame moment.

In the words of the body language aficionado Wood: “he wanted a moment … she gave it to him but nothing more.”

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