A scene of outrage: 50 Cent EXPOSES the dark side of the party of the super rich!

7 MINUTES AGO: 50 Cent SHARES DISTURBING Footage From Clive Davis’ RECENT Party

Hold your breath for an exclusive update as 50 Cent SHARES DISTURBING FOOTAGE from Clive Davis’ RECENT PARTY, just 7 MINUTES AGO! In this breaking news, 50 Cent unveils footage that raises questions about the events at Clive Davis’ recent gathering.

The scandal unfolds as he breaks the news, providing an unfiltered perspective on the unsettling footage. Join us for the latest celebrity gossip and scandals as 50 Cent dishes on the recent party, delivering an unfiltered account that has everyone talking.

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50 Cent has checked his son for betting his money while playing a basketball game, though the outcome ended up working in the mogul’s favor.

On Wednesday (February 21), the New York City rapper and businessman shared a clip of 11-year-old Sire Jackson negotiating the terms of a free throw while already being down $500.

“I’m going to call your dad and I’ma tell him to give me my money,” the person recording the clip laughingly told the kid. “You’re betting your dad’s money right now.”

In the caption, he wrote: “Just in, SIRE caught gambling with my money [suspicious emoji] his ass better made that shot !”

50 Cent Calls Out His Son For 'Gambling With My Money' On Basketball Court

Fortunately for Fif, his son went on to make the shot to erase his debt and earn an additional $100 – had he not, Sire would’ve had to owe $1,100 to his challenger.

Last year, while 50 Cent was busy easing his way back into rapper mode on his Final Lap Tour, he took a moment to appreciate the important things in life.

In mid-August, the G-Unit mogul shared a photo on Instagram of his son and marveled at how quickly he’s growing up before his very eyes.

The picture showed the then-10-year-old rocking dreadlocks and white Air Jordan IIIs while stood next to an older boy.

“Look how big my baby got, SIRE this is crazy he eating that filipino cuisine,” 50 joked in the caption.

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He wasn’t the only one who couldn’t believe how fast the child was maturing as Busta Rhymes, Tony Yayo and TDE honcho Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith all commented on the 48-year-old’s post.

“That is NOT that lil baby!!” one follower wrote in astonishment. “Omg he grew up too fast! So cute.”

Sire Jackson was born in September 2012 to 50 Cent and Daphne Joy, a Filipino and Puerto Rican model and actress who the Queens, New York rapper briefly dated in the early 2010s.

Despite his strained relationship with his eldest son, Marquise Jackson, 50 has long been a doting father to Sire.

In 2017, he named his Sire Spirits company after his son and gave him his debut movie role in last year’s horror flick, Skill House, which he starred in and co-produced.

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