Adult Film Star Who’s Stalking Zion Williamson Gets The Pelicans Star Tattooed On Her Face (VIDEO) – News

It seems we have gotten to the point where this has clearly gone too far. Moriah Mills has officially entered stalker territory when it comes to her relationship with New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson.

Moriah first entered the scene after Zion and his pregnant girlfriend Ahkeema posted their gender reveal on social media. The adult film star immediately started blasting the NBA All-Star on social media, telling him, “Better pray I’m not pregnant, too!”

Moriah has continued to go after Zion and Ahkeema, even claiming to have private tapes with Williamson that she threatened to release.

Split image of Zion Williamson on the court smiling and Moriah Mills taking a selfie in the car.

As someone who is clearly infuriated with Zion Williamson, Moriah is certainly sending some mixed signals with her latest move.

More specifically, Mills recently decided to go out and get Zion’s name tattooed…ON HER FACE!!!

Off all the places to get a tattoo of a man who is having a child with another woman, the face would seem to be the least practical. But that didn’t stop Moriah from making this horrible mistake.

Moriah captured the moment on video so that she could show the world just how crazy she is.

Reports out of New Orleans are that the Pelicans’ front office is not impressed by what’s been going on with Zion Williamson off the court this offseason. The team didn’t end up dealing him at the NBA Draft, despite all the rumors. But the NBA offseason is still young, and Moriah doesn’t appear to be slowing down her assault on Zion’s character.

A few more unfavorable headlines, and the Pelicans may finally decide that it’s time to move on.

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