Angelina Jolie Once Hired Own Brother As Full-Time Nanny for Her 6 Kids — Inside Their Relationship

Angelina Jolie and her former spouse Brad Pitt are parents to six children: twins Knox and Vivienne, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, and Maddox. Despite their separation, Jolie remains deeply committed to her role as a mother.

During their marriage, Jolie’s brother, James Haven, played a significant role in caring for their children. Acting as a devoted uncle, Haven offered his assistance in parenting and often looked after the kids to allow Jolie and Pitt some personal time.

Jolie shares a close bond with her brother, Haven. Raised by their mother, Marcheline Bertrand, the siblings experienced a nurturing upbringing away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

Although they bear a striking resemblance to their mother, Haven has opted for a quieter life compared to his sister’s high-profile career.

In contrast to Jolie’s spotlight, Haven maintains a low-key presence in Los Angeles, pursuing a career as an actor, director, and producer. He has served as an executive board director for Artivist, a film festival championing human rights, animal rights, and environmental causes, since 2006.

While Haven rarely steps into the limelight, he accompanied his sister to the Academy Awards in both 1986 and 2006. During the latter ceremony, Jolie’s emotional acceptance speech for “Girl, Interrupted” sparked unfounded rumors about their relationship, which both siblings vehemently denied.

Haven often seeks advice from his sister and values her protective nature, especially concerning his romantic endeavors. Raised in a divorced household, Jolie has been discerning about potential partners for her brother, jokingly attributing his single status to her high standards.

As someone who admires strong women and upholds perfectionist tendencies, Haven acknowledges the challenge of finding a partner who meets his expectations. Despite his close relationship with Jolie, he remains hopeful about finding love, albeit under the scrutiny of his sister’s discerning eye.

Haven’s involvement in caring for Jolie’s children was a testament to their tight bond. Acting as a nanny, he was entrusted with the responsibility because he was among the few individuals Jolie trusted implicitly with her six kids.

Interestingly, the name “Shiloh,” initially intended for Haven, became the moniker for Jolie’s first biological daughter. Allegedly, Jolie also used the name as an alias when checking into hotels. Shiloh, known as a Biblical city, holds historical significance as the site of a Tennessee Civil War battle.

However, the public display of closeness between Haven and Jolie has dwindled over the years. Reports suggest that Haven’s role as a full-time nanny ended following Jolie’s divorce from Pitt, and their once-close relationship seems to have faded into the past.

Once inseparable, Haven and Jolie shared a profound bond, with Haven serving as her steadfast companion, confidant, and devoted brother. While they may maintain a cordial relationship, they now pursue separate paths, seldom seen together.

Similarly, Jolie has distanced herself from their father, with years passing since their last communication. Although Haven wasn’t particularly close to Voight, his conversion to Christianity prompted a reconciliation. Tragically, the siblings lost their mother in 2007.

Despite their evolving relationship, Jolie and Haven share common traits, including their philanthropic endeavors. Haven actively engages in mental health advocacy and anti-human trafficking efforts, displaying unwavering commitment and boldness in his pursuits.

With ongoing movie projects like “Court of Conscience,” slated for release in 2024, Haven continues to make strides in his career. He has also praised Jolie’s acting prowess, recognizing her early passion for the craft and the guidance of their mother, who served as her first manager.

Reflecting on his journey, Haven acknowledges moments of doubt, feeling overshadowed by his family’s success. However, he remains grateful for his close bond with Jolie, embracing his role as her protector.

While Haven maintains a low profile without any social media presence, he remains open to the possibilities of marriage and fatherhood, cherishing memories of a special relationship that spanned two decades. Despite their public distance, his admiration for Jolie endures, underscoring the enduring bond between siblings.

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