As I look back at my journey, it’s clear that it’s been a long road. We’ve worked tirelessly to carve our path toward legendary statu

When quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw 50 touchdown passes in 2018 in his first season as the Chiefs starter,

it wasn’t the first time he’d reached that milestone.Mahomes did in 2013 as a senior at Whitehouse High School in Texas, where his legendary feats are still discussed today.

(This is a good time to plug Sam McDowell’s fantastic column about the players who got one of the six interceptions Mahomes threw while in high school.)

Mahomes is now a two-time NFL MVP and two-time Super Bowl MVP, but he still made time to return to his alma mater over the weekend.

Huge thank you to Super Bowl Champion, NFL MVP, and former Wildcat @PatrickMahomes for pulling up on us today!” the football team wrote on Twitter.

“Incredible talk and incredible role model for our kids! No better place than Whitehouse, Texas!”

It seems Mahomes visited after the team had done some good for the community, and the players had no idea the NFL’s best player was coming to meet them.

“What a surprise! After spending the morning participating in the #trashoff and cleaning up the city of Whitehouse, the football team was sent up to The Den for what they thought (was) a uniform unveiling,” the school district wrote on Facebook.

“We thought this was a better surprise.“Thank you @patrickmahomes for visiting with the team and answering questions. We appreciate you taking the time to stop by. This was a fantastic experience for them.“

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