Bam Adebayo Seems To Accidentally Admit Eastern Conference Finals Was “Scripted” In Postgame Interview (VIDEO) – News

Miami Heat big man Bam Adebayo seemed to suggest he thought the seven-game Eastern Conference Finals series vs. the Boston Celtics was scripted after helping his team advance to the NBA Finals.

The Heat nearly bounced back to win Game 6 at home on Saturday night and would have done so had Derrick White not scored a buzzer-beating putback.

But they managed to get the job done on the road on Monday night as they held Boston to just 84 points on their home floor and justified booking a flight to Denver prematurely.

Bam didn’t have a particularly great Game 7 as he went 4-10 from the field. But he did register a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds as the Heat went on to win by 19.

Bam Adebayo speaking to reporters

Speaking to reporters after the contest, the former Kentucky star let it slip that the series went according to the script. And, given that there are actually many fans who believe that the league is scripted, it was probably not the best thing to say at the time.

Asked if the victory was extra special as it came in the Celtics’ building, Adebayo explained that he would have preferred not playing seven games but that’s just how it was scripted. “I wish we didn’t go to a Game 7,” he said with a smile, “but that’s the way the script was written.”

The way the script was written lol

— Don Pancha⚡🚀💫🅿️📈🏁 (@js_pancha) May 30, 2023

It appears the two-time All-Star knew exactly what he was doing here.

If the NBA is going to script the playoffs, the Heat and Nuggets are probably the last teams they’re going to pick. When the Finals “script” was leaked earlier this month, it showed that the Lakers would beat the Celtics in seven games.

This sh*t is RIGGED!!!

— TPS (@TotalProSports) May 18, 2023

That was probably the series most fans wanted, but it’s not the one they’re getting.

Sorry, y’all.

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