Blonde Female Sitting Courtside At Lakers Game Caught Thirsting Over LeBron James, And It Was All Captured On Live TV (VIDEO)

While playing the Houston Rockets on Monday night, social media users caught wind of a lady sitting courtside that was seriously eyeballing LeBron James while he leaned down at the free throw line.

At one point, it appeared LeBron looked her way and even acknowledged her, but then he turned his head even further as if he was speaking to somebody else.

It did not stop as she continued to give him a look that she wanted him.

LeBron and lady at game
Savannah James is not going to like this one bit.

wtf is this

— LakeShowYo (@LakeShowYo) January 17, 2023

Hold up? This lady lusting like hell for LeBron!!

— Bacon, Grits, Eggs (@reddawg77089) January 17, 2023

Here’s how social media reacted:

White she devil 💀😂

— (Josh-Shay) (@coachjjackson33) January 17, 2023

😂 starving

— Sicelo Sithole (@scelosr) January 17, 2023

She need a piece of some BBC her eyes are telling

— you really said that? (@__swaybudden) January 17, 2023

Y’all need to stop that #drysnitching

— Jay Phoenix III (@jay_phoenix13) January 17, 2023

Giving my man a hard time and he never even looked at her creepy staring ass? When he turns his head it’s for something else because she looks too. Dude was on his best behavior. Stop it!!

— Evan Moore🏀😎🏀 (@MooreHoops727) January 17, 2023

The devil stays lurking. Stay true my boys ✊🏻🙏🏻.

— Jonathan Hill (@jonathandhill24) January 17, 2023

Y’all be tryna get him in trouble with Savannah so bad 😂

— Vonte (@Yea_Itz_Vonte) January 17, 2023


— GeeThanksToMAYWEATHER/SPENCE/CURRY#30 (@garythearies1) January 17, 2023

Not on MLK day lmao

— Lil Kushman (@mk_kearns) January 17, 2023

Last night, LeBron ended the Lakers’ losing streak with season-high 48 points vs. Rockets with a 140-132 win Monday night at Arena.

The Lakers are now 20-24, which is good or bad enough for 13th in the Western Conference.

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