Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Daughter, Vivienne, Becomes Hot Topic for ‘Not Feminine’ Outfit at the Tonys 2024

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, made a statement at the 2024 Tony Awards with her unconventional outfit.

Her bold fashion choice ignited an online debate about whether she was deviating too much from traditional femininity.

One of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s children became the center of online discussions following her appearance at the 2024 Tony Awards.

Vivienne attended the event with her mother, who was there to celebrate “The Outsiders” winning Best Musical.

Angelina dazzled in a light-teal velvet strapless gown with a corseted bodice and draped fabric. She accessorized minimally to highlight her elegant ensemble. Her long blonde hair flowed freely, adding to her glamorous look.

Vivienne, on the other hand, opted for a playful and unique look. She sported a crisp white shirt under a dark teal vest and trousers, complete with a bow tie and dark blue Converse sneakers. Her hair, similar to her mother’s, was left to flow down to her shoulders.

While both mother and daughter turned heads, Vivienne’s outfit became a hot topic among AmoMama readers, who saw their photos on Facebook. These readers shared their thoughts, with opinions ranging from criticism to praise.

One reader sharply criticized, “Certainly not feminine!!” This critique set a critical tone, prompting others to join in, questioning the appropriateness of Vivienne’s unconventional style. Another voiced concern about why Angelina would dress her children in male clothing, stating, “She’s a girl, dress her like one. All your girls, you put boys’ clothes on them, and the one young lady always had a beautiful outfit on, WHY.”

In contrast, an observant reader noted Vivienne’s seemingly loose outfit, “Love how the mom is dressed to the nines and her daughter is wearing a suit that is not flattering at all. Could you at least have made it fit properly?” However, not all comments were negative. One defender stood up for Vivienne’s right to self-expression, stating, “She wears what she feels comfortable in. Leave her alone.” Another supporter added, “I see nothing wrong with it. At least she is covered up and not showing all she has like so many people do nowadays. I would bet she is more comfortable than her mom.”

Vivienne has recently embraced a playful and unique fashion style. This was evident in May 2024 when she attended the opening night of “Reefer Madness: The Musical” in Los Angeles with her mother and actress Kristen Bell. Vivienne wore a long-sleeved light blue shirt with a black vest, which she paired with matching black pants and Converse sneakers. Angelina complemented her daughter’s look with a chic, masculine ensemble of a white shirt, matching black suit, trousers, and sunglasses. Kristen wore an elegant dark blue gown.

The teen’s unconventional outfits not only sparked heated debates among AmoMama readers. Earlier, Vivienne also made headlines for dropping her father’s famous surname, “Pitt.” According to People in May 2024, the Playbill for the musical “The Outsiders” listed her as “Vivienne Jolie,” notably without “Pitt.” This name change marked a significant step in Vivienne’s evolving public identity.

Vivienne’s reported name change and recent public appearances highlight the evolving dynamics of the Jolie-Pitt family. However, she’s not the first of Angelina and Brad’s six children to change their name; Zahara made a similar change late last year. In November 2023, Zahara joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. at Spelman College. A video showed Zahara’s new sorority sisters cheering as she took center stage. She proudly announced, “My name is Zahara Marley Jolie,” seemingly dropping her dad’s last name before dancing and flipping her hair.

Following in the footsteps of her sisters Vivienne and Zahara, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has also decided to drop their father’s surname last month legally. Shiloh, who turned 18 on May 27, has filed legal documents to drop Brad’s surname and use her mother’s surname. She has wished to be known simply as “Shiloh Jolie,” making this one of her first actions as an adult.

Shiloh, Zahara, and Vivienne’s surname changes came amid ongoing legal battles between Angelina and Brad. Angelina filed for divorce in 2016, and the court declared them legally single in 2019. They established a joint custody arrangement in 2021, which remains a significant aspect of their post-divorce legal struggles. Adding to the couple’s legal drama, earlier court documents claimed that Angelina Jolie may have contributed to the strained relationship between Brad and their children.

Tony Webb, owner of SRS Global, a security company that provided Angelina with personal protection from 2000 to 2020, shared insights based on his two decades of experience working with the actress. “One of the two individuals, Ross Foster, specified that he intended to testify regardless of the NDA if he received a court subpoena,” Webb stated. He further revealed disturbing details about the potential testimony. “When Mr. Foster told me this, he also told me that if asked, he would testify about statements he overheard that Ms. Jolie made to the children, encouraging them to avoid spending time with Mr. Pitt during custody visits,” Webb claimed.

This revelation sparked a fierce reaction across social media platforms, with many expressing dismay at Angelina. Others showed concern over the potential impact on the Jolie-Pitt children. “The fact that she cannot see the harm this is doing to their kids is just shocking,” one person commented. This was echoed by another commenter who noted, “It’s probably why Shiloh is moving in with her father now… She’s realized her mother is vindictive and has been trying to alienate them from Brad for years.”

The debate over Angelina’s actions led some to reflect on the cyclical nature of such behavior, attributing it to her tumultuous upbringing. “Her childhood was similar from what I read. Maybe she can’t break that perpetual cycle or doesn’t want to,” one claimed.

Despite the public’s critical perception, Angelina has continually strived to embody the role of a nurturing, attentive mother. This commitment is deeply rooted in the lessons taught by her own mom, Marcheline Bertrand. In a candid revelation in 2011, Angelina shared insights into her parenting approach, which is heavily influenced by the relationship she cherished with her mother. Angelina emphasized the importance of not just being a parent but also a friend to her children.

She highlighted the invaluable connection she experienced through open communication and shared activities with her mother. This foundation has guided her in fostering a similar bond with her children, ensuring that despite their diverse backgrounds, they feel united as a family. Remembering her mother’s gentle spirit and unwavering generosity, Angelina aspires to emulate these traits. Her aim is clear: to be as good a mother to her children as her mother was to her.

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