Brad Pitt Attempts to Mend Relationships with Children with Shiloh’s Help

After the divorce with Jolie, it’s not easy for him to maintain a connection with the heirs. However, he doesn’t give up on attempts to reconcile with them.

In the fall of 2016, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their separation, initiating a prolonged divorce process. During the proceedings, the once-loving couple rapidly turned into bitter enemies.

The actor’s relationship with the children suffered as a “collateral damage” during this lengthy battle.

As a reminder, the ex-spouses are parents to six heirs: three adopted – 22-year-old Maddox, 19-year-old Pax, and 18-year-old Zahara, and three biological – 17-year-old Shiloh, 15-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

The eldest son disowned his father first, cutting off all contact, refusing the parent’s surname, and providing testimony against him. The reason was significant: according to documents submitted to the court during the divorce, Pitt raised his hand against Maddox during a notorious incident on a plane.

“Children tried to help, but Pitt began to strangle one, hit another in the face, and poured alcohol on the rest,” detailed Angelina’s lawyers about the dramatic events.

It seems that Pax, another offspring, also faced the actor’s heated temper. While suspicions existed before, it was only in mid-November 2023 that information confirming this surfaced online.

Foreign media uncovered a post allegedly made by Pax in June 2020 on his private account. In a rather crude manner, using profanity, Jolie and Pitt’s adopted son congratulated his father on Father’s Day.

“You turned the lives of the closest people to me into hell… You show no attention or sympathy to your four younger children who tremble in fear in your presence. You will never understand the damage you caused to my family because you are simply incapable of it,” Pax wrote.


It’s also known that the eldest daughter of the Hollywood heartthrob, like Maddox, rejected her father’s surname. During the initiation ceremony into the Alpha Kappa Alpha women’s society, she introduced herself as Zahara Marley Jolie for the first time.

Despite Brad not commenting on these situations, his circle assures that the actor is deeply affected and is making desperate attempts to reconcile with the adopted children and strengthen ties with the biological ones.

“When he adopted them, it was for life. He still loves them and desperately wants to reunite. He respected their wishes and gave them personal space, but it didn’t change anything, so now he is convinced that action needs to be taken,” a source told The Heat World.

Insiders report that contact is still maintained with the biological children—at least Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox answer his calls and don’t resist meetings. This significantly irritates Angie, who made considerable efforts to shield the heirs from their father. Moreover, the actor’s friends are confident that Jolie contributed to escalating the conflict by “brainwashing” the adopted children.


Currently, Brad is directing all his efforts to strengthen the bond with the three youngest children. To achieve this, he turned to Shiloh, who has always been considered “daddy’s girl.”

“Brad and Shiloh are still very close; they talk all the time. He can’t see her as often as he would like. It’s a miracle that Shiloh and the twins still talk to him, but it doesn’t relieve him of the pain he feels due to the estrangement of the older children. He desperately tries to fix this. Brad always said he would never ask Shiloh to take his side, but Angelina left him no choice,” an anonymous source reported.

Given the constant circulation of information in the media about conflicts between Jolie and Shiloh, and the girl’s desire to move out from her mother right after turning 18, there is no doubt that this rebel will gladly take her father’s side.

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