Brad Pitt Just Exposed Angelina Jolie To The World

Brad Pitt’s revelations about Angelina Jolie’s close friendship with Russian billionaire vodka magnate Yuri Shefler have added fuel to the fiery winery battle between the former power couple.

The actor exposed an email exchange between Shefler and Jolie that exposed the depth of their connection, including a striking invitation from the vodka baron for Jolie and her six children to visit his opulent Scottish castle, located at the Tulchan estate in the picturesque Speyside region.

This revelation comes in the aftermath of Jolie’s decision to sell her share of the French winery, Chateau Miraval, to Shefler for a staggering $67 million in October 2021, a move that ignited a contentious legal dispute with Pitt.

In response, Pitt filed a lawsuit against her, alleging a breach of contract and claiming that Shefler’s company sought a hostile takeover of the winery.

Brad Pitt Just Exposed Angelina Jolie To The World

This bitter legal battle continues to wage on, with both parties fiercely defending their interests.

The email, dated May 25, 2022, reflects Shefler’s appreciation for the deal they struck. He expresses his contentment with the business arrangement despite ongoing disputes with Pitt, whom he accuses of trying to undermine their partnership. In a show of camaraderie, Shefler extends an open invitation to Jolie and her children to visit his Tulchan estate in Scotland, underscoring his desire for a harmonious business relationship.

He emphasizes his willingness to assist Jolie whenever needed, suggesting a level of trust and goodwill.Pitt and Jolie initially acquired Chateau Miraval, a vineyard in the South of France, in 2008 for approximately $27 million.

Over the years, they both became equal co-owners of the property and the wine production enterprise. However, their relationship deteriorated, leading to Jolie’s decision to sell her share to Shefler’s company, Tenute del Mondo, which is a part of the Stoli group.In the midst of this tumultuous exchange, Pitt alleged that Jolie concealed the sale from him and deliberately damaged the business’s reputation while unjustly enriching herself.

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Jolie, on the other hand, cited her desire to disengage from an alcohol-centered business and her reluctance to revisit a place that marked the beginning of the end of their marriage as her reasons for selling her stake. Pitt’s attempt to buy her shares fell apart when she refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which Pitt insisted upon to protect the winery’s value after the sale.

Their legal battles expanded to cover custody disputes, with Pitt contending that Jolie’s decision to sell her shares was motivated by her anger over the custody ruling. Despite these contentious issues, Shefler’s email to Pitt suggests that he intends to focus on his own business ventures while encouraging Pitt to concentrate on his artistic projects.

However, the legal war between Pitt and Shefler shows no signs of abating, with numerous disputes concerning document service and jurisdiction. Pitt’s legal team has accused Shefler of being evasive and emphasized the need for a level playing field in California’s legal system, even for a Russian oligarch.

Yuri Shefler’s journey from a Russian Jewish family to a billionaire vodka tycoon has been marked by a colorful and tumultuous life. After serving in the Red Army, he ventured into economics, managing a successful retail and restaurant business while studying at the prestigious Plekhanov Institute in Moscow. Shefler’s career included chairing Vnukovo Airlines and leading Soyuzplodoimport, which produced the iconic Stolichnaya vodka.

Amid controversies, including accusations of death threats and legal disputes, Shefler left Russia for Latvia, where he conducted his businesses. He later moved to the UK, secured a UK passport, and obtained Israeli citizenship. His ascent to billionaire status allowed him to own the luxurious superyacht Serene, which attracted the likes of Bill Gates, and to acquire the prestigious Tulchan estate in Scotland.

Despite multiple marriages and fathering several children, Shefler’s personal life remains colorful and enigmatic.In this tangled web of relationships and legal battles, the bond between Angelina Jolie and Yuri Shefler continues to raise questions about the winery’s future and the ongoing feud with Brad Pitt. The email exchange is just one more piece in the complex puzzle that is the Chateau Miraval saga.

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