Brittany Mahomes speaks out on ‘traumatizing’ Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting: ‘This is rough’

Brittany Mahomes spoke out shortly after multiple people were shot at the Kansas City Chiefs parade.

“Shooting people is never the answer,” the mom of two wrote on her Instagram Story Wednesday. “Praying for Kansas City & America in general, this is rough.”

“Highly embarrassed and disappointed in this, Super Bowl wins will never be the same because of this, it’s devastating,” she continued.

“Lives lost and people injured during something that was suppose [sic] to be a celebration,” she added.

“Horrible and traumatizing. So many prayers going to the families involved.”

Patrick Mahomes’ wife’s heart-wrenching post comes after several people were shot at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade in Kansas City, Mo., at Union Square.

Brittany Mahomes broke her silence on the Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting.USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

“Shooting people is never the answer. Praying for Kansas City & America in general, this is rough,” she wrote on her Instagram Story Wednesday.Instagram/brittanylynne

She then went on to call the incident “horrible and traumatizing.”Instagram/@brittanylynne

According to NBC, at least one person was killed and at least 22 were injured in the shooting that broke out near a parking garage.

Three people were taken into police custody, with one suspect allegedly being tackled by a brave Chiefs fan, per a video posted on X.

Patrick also spoke out about the incident on social media, writing he is “Praying for Kansas City.”

Shortly before the gunfire, Patrick and Brittany, both 28, documented themselves on the parade route while riding on a double-decker bus.

They waved to thousands of fans cheering for the Chiefs following the team’s win against the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The couple was seen dancing while the Sports Illustrated model poured herself a drink from a water bottle.

At least one person was killed in the shooting, per NBC.Getty Images

Shortly before the incident, Brittany and her husband, Patrick Mahomes, were seen along the parade route.AFP via Getty Images

They were joined by Travis Kelce, who has yet to speak out.Getty Images

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce — who hasn’t addressed the shooting — was on the bus alongside his mom, Donna Kelce, while his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, recently landed in Australia to continue her Eras Tour.

Later on Kelce, 34, and Patrick took the stage to honor their championship as the tight end took the opportunity to belt a rendition of Garth Brooks’ 1990 track “Friends in Low Places.”

Kelce slurred throughout the song and needed to be held up by the Chiefs’ quarterback.

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