Close-up Inside The $80.3 Million “Floating Mansion” Of Basketball Legend Michael Jordan With Travel Costs Of About $800,000/week – News

This luxury super yacht has been the property of Michael Jordan since 2019, four years after he became the first billionaire sports star.

As soon as the sale was successful, the basketball legend traveled to St.

Barthelemy in the Caribbean with his family and friends on this expensive means of transportation.

According to The Sun, super yacht Joy has a length of more than 70m, including 8 cabins, 2 VIP bedrooms, 4 Double rooms and 1 Twin room. Particularly, the 2 VIP rooms have a 270-degree view of the sea and the main deck area. The ship can accommodate 12 passengers and 19 crew, and is equipped with two MTU engines for a maximum speed of 29 km/h and cruise speed of 25 km/h.

The yacht’s operating costs on each cruise are estimated to be at least $800,000 per week, but the experience is what the NBA legend cares about, not the money.

The owner of the ship is a lover of the sea, so he spent a lot of money to buy a luxurious “property” right in the middle of the ocean. It must be admitted that, with a value of up to 80 million USD, super yacht Joy is fully equipped with luxurious amenities of royal class and is no different from a villa floating on the waves.

The ship’s interior was done by Studio Indigo, a renowned studio specializing in luxury interior design and architecture based in Chelsea, London. It is known that Michael Jordan can even hold business meetings right on the yacht thanks to the high-tech satellite and audio-visual system.

The owner’s room and VIP room areas for guests are fully equipped with modern amenities with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, creating a surreal space. The two children’s suites and the large lounge are both equipped with Smart TVs and sofas. Each room is decorated with ocean mosaics, while all bathrooms on the ship feature expensive marble tiles and modern recessed shower systems.

Not only that, passengers can also comfortably relax in the treatment room, spa, jacuzzi on the sundeck, cinema and separate sauna. In addition, top professional chefs are also present on board to serve distinguished guests.

In case passengers want to swim or entertain in the sea, the ship is also equipped with a large inflatable slide with a height equivalent to 2 – 3 floors. The yacht also has inflatable slides, trailers, water skis and inflatable kayaks, and more interestingly, scuba diving equipment and fishing gear.

In addition, the super yacht also has an elevator system to serve moving between floors, a 5-star sound and lighting system, spacious living and dining rooms with insulated glass panels. helps diners enjoy a romantic dinner without being affected by the sea breeze. There are plenty of wellness options on board, such as an indoor-outdoor gym and a spa room with a personal masseuse.

One of the highlights of the Joy cruise is the basketball court right on the deck as a way for Michael Jordan not to “forget his career” and his glorious years on the court. The yard is designed in an outdoor location with a high column and sofas nearby for players to rest. In particular, this area can also be completely transformed into a mini football, volleyball and badminton field.

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