Colorado’s Travis Hunter Has Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out Dwight Howard Was Wearing His Jersey During UCLA Game (VIDEO) – News

When you’re a college player, you probably appreciate every fan you can get. Still, Colorado Buffaloes two-way star Travis Hunter would rather not have Dwight Howard among his supporters – at least that’s how it appears.

The former NBA center has found himself in the middle of some controversy amid some startling allegations, having been accused of sexually assaulting a male individual by surprising him with a threesome involving another man.

Travis Hunter was shaken when he found out Dwight Howard wore his jersey |  Marca

While Howard denies the assault, he admits to messaging his accuser and having him at his house, as well as performing certain bedroom acts on him in court documents obtained by

Hunter, who was in action for the Buffs against UCLA on Saturday night, was about to get on a flight leaving for Boulder after the game and some of his teammates jokingly told him that the former Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers big man was wearing his jersey in the stands.

His facial expression said it all…

Of course, there’s no evidence of Howard having been at the game, let alone wearing the jersey. But the reaction from Travis was as funny as it gets.

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