Contrasting image between Tom Cruise’s young lady and Angelina Jolie’s adopted daughter

Netizens paid remarkable attention to Suri Cruise and Zahara in their recent appearance.

Recently, Suri was spotted going to the movies with friends in Manhattan.

According to observations, Tom Cruise’s daughter wears a white T-shirt combined with jean shorts and sneakers. The girl shows off her long, slender legs thanks to this healthy yet fashionable outfit.

Suri wore a white T-shirt and jean shorts to watch a movie with her friends.

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Before that, Miss Cruise walked around in a sleeveless dress. Instead of tying her hair up, she lets it loose, both enhancing her gentleness and expressing her inherent sweetness. It must be said that at the age of 16, Suri looks like a young woman. Her appearance and figure are no less than those of a professional model.

suri cruise, zahara, con gái tom cruise, con gái angelina jolie, sao hollywood

The young lady of Tom Cruise’s family wore a pristine dress on the street earlier.

Meanwhile, Zahara appeared next to her adoptive mother Angelina Jolie. It is known that the girl and her mother went to the Vatican museum. Angelina’s daughter can be seen combining a dark T-shirt with a black skirt. The girl wears sneakers and has stylish curly hair.

suri cruise, zahara, con gái tom cruise, con gái angelina jolie, sao hollywood

Image of Zahara wearing dark clothes while visiting the Vatican museum with her adoptive mother Angelina Jolie.

suri cruise, zahara, con gái tom cruise, con gái angelina jolie, sao hollywood

Although 1 year older than Suri, Zahara is considered much more mature. Her dressing style is also different from Tom Cruise’s princess. It is worth mentioning that Zahara often goes together with her mother while Suri often goes alone or gathers with friends. Perhaps because Katie’s mother has a new love, she has less time to spend with Suri like before.

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