Dwyane Wade’s Wife Gabrielle Union Admits Her Group Chat Is Obsessed With Jalen Hurts (VIDEO) – News

Actress Gabrielle Union recently went on a talk show and admitted that her group chat with her friends has been buzzing about Jalen Hurts.

“So apparently the group chat is all throwing all of our weight behind Jalen Hurts,” Gabrielle Union said. “He does well for himself.”

The wife of former Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade refrained from giving her own opinion on the Philadelphia Eagles QB because she wants to go home to a happy home.

“I’d like to go home to a happy home so I’m not gonna comment there. But, the streets are saying…”

Dwayne Wade better watch out.

“For the older kids, he’s like the new Warren Moon.”

Gabrielle Union Says Her Group Chat Is Obsessed With Jalen Hurts🏈😳 pic.twitter.com/8Nd7MdIUTQ

— Raphousetv (RHTV) (@raphousetv2) January 28, 2023

Gabrielle Union says her groupchat is obsessed with Jalen Hurts on the Seth Meyers show pic.twitter.com/pmWdi2EJvp

— 2Cool2Blog (@2Cool2Blog) January 26, 2023

Now in the NFC title game, the 49ers will need to strike a balance between making sure Hurts doesn’t own them on the ground while keeping him from hurting them in the air.

In the Eagles’ divisional-round win over the New York Giants, Hurts completed 16 of his 24 attempts for 154 yards and two touchdowns while only being sacked one time. He also racked up another nine carries for 34 yards and a rushing touchdown.

He’ll be happy to know that Union and her friends are cheering for him.

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