Ed Lover Says 50 Cent Is “Stepping Over The Line” With His Endless Diddy Jokes

Diddy’s recent legal woes have gotten to the point where social media users have coined the phrase “No Diddy” to be used in place of “pause,” and fantasy booked a documentary titled “Diddy Do It?” Ed Lover recently stood up for the mogul and specifically cited 50 Cent’s endless jokes as being excessive.

“[A]s much as I love 50, I think 50 is stepping over the line now. I really do,” the radio personality said during the Friday (March 29) episode of his podcast C’Mon Son. It is worth noting that he titled the episode “Diddy Do It?” and owned up to the fact he made a joke about Fonzworth Bentley’s silence throughout these last few months of allegations, lawsuits, and raids.

Still, he believed that while “funny is funny,” the G-Unit leader has taken it too far. “He’s kicking the sh*t out this ni**a while he’s down,” Lover said. Listen to the full episode below.

Ed Lover also believes there is a conspiracy against Diddy, citing Uncle Luke’s recent take that all of this madness stems from his lawsuit against liquor distributor Diageo.

“I believe what I just saw Uncle Luke say earlier today: that this is a machine coming after this dude,” he said. “I think it’s Diageo. Diageo is f**king powerful. They’re the second-or-third-largest alcohol distribution company in the world […] Puff all of [a] sudden decides to sue them for racial discrimination. All of this sh*t comes out right after that […] Somebody that got some money are putting their foot in Puff’s a**.”

Puff sued Diageo for racial discrimination and negligence in 2023. He claimed they created a watermelon flavor of his DeLeón Tequila without his consent and falsely labeled that brand and his popular Ciroc vodka as “urban.” They resolved their differences this past January and the Bad Boy founder dismissed his lawsuits.

While the Diageo lawsuit is over, Diddy’s legal battles with his alleged victims are ongoing. He was first sued by his ex-girlfriend Cassie for rape and 𝑠e𝑥 trafficking back in November 2023. They settled outside of court for an undisclosed amount, but this was just the catalyst for more lawsuits.

Both the “Gotta Move On” artist and Harve Pierre, former president of Bad Boy, were sued by an unnamed woman for gang-raping her when she was 17 years old in 2003. He was also sued by Lil’ Rod, who produced part of his October 2023 LP The Love Album: Off The Grid, for 𝑠e𝑥ual assault.

50 Cent has been a thorn in the Making The Band star’s side this entire time, especially when Homeland Security raided the mogul’s homes and his ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy was named one of Diddy’s 𝑠e𝑥 workers in Lil’ Rod’s recently amended lawsuit. He also posted a deepfake video of Donald Trump using the n-word when “speaking” to Diddy about his allegations and threw a stray shot at Meek Mill for his inclusion in the lawsuits. It doesn’t seem like Fif will stop any time soon, even after Joy accused him of rape; which he called “false and baseless.”

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