Eminem challenged by Rick Ross: Who’d you rather see in a rap battle?

Eminem challenged by Rick Ross: Who’d you rather see in a rap battle?

Rick Ross wants to take on Eminem, is that right? Hehe. Hahahaha.

Although Ross’s current rivalry with Em’s friend 50 Cent may not be the world’s first Web 2.0 rap beef, it is undoubtedly one of the most boring, so in a way, it would be an upgrade.

But the good times would not last forever.

Rick Ross упоминает Эминема и Дональда Трампа в своём новом клипе | www.Eminem.pro

If it were to occur, here is how it would proceed: Eminem was referred to be ancient by Rick Ross. Then Eminem would destroy him poetically.

Although Ross recently released a really good album and Eminem’s most recent work has been a little below average, when it comes to mic skills, Ross simply cannot compete with Em at his worst. (Ross is aware of this; he also mentioned to MTV that if the entire battle thing doesn’t work out, he’d like to perform a guest verse on Em’s Relapse. What?

That vital component of evenly matched rivals is what the Ross-Mathers contest would lack. Simply put, it’s not very entertaining to watch two talented artists compete. If we’re being completely hypothetical, I’d much rather see Eminem take on someone like, say, Jay-Z, another lyrical heavyweight who has been the subject of disparaging remarks over his aging.

That confrontation will never occur because, as far as I’m aware, Jay and Em get along well and Jay thinks he’s above small-time feuds. It would, however, undoubtedly produce some incredible music.

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