ESPN analyst thinks Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes will now get special treatment from refs after Antonio Pierce’s comments

The Kansas City Chiefs have been the most successful team in a six-year span than any team in almost 20 years,

considering that was the last time any team was close to having a repeat in terms of back-to-back Super Bowls.

However, while that is great, it has led to them being the villains of the NFL. Everyone hates the Chiefs now unless you are a Chiefs fan, a Patrick Mahomes fan, or a Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift fan. This, and the Taylor Swift saga, has caused fans to legitimately believe that the NFL is rigged for the Chiefs.

Fans cannot comprehend the fact that a team can be as good as the Chiefs are year after year, so they immediately believe that the NFL and refs are cheating for the team from small-town Kansas City, not another team that would be a much larger market and bring in much more views and money.

But that has been the story for the last two years, at least. If you ask me, the Chiefs started their villain arc last year when they won the Super Bowl. As far as the whole cheating thing and the NFL being rigged, what one coach said is making NFL analysts make crazy claims that certainly do not help the Chief’s case.

Recently, Antonio Pierce of the Las Vegas Raiders said that he has the “Mahomes Rules” and that he preaches the Raiders should hit Mahomes hard, and try and knock his head off, and blah blah blah. You know, coach talk.

All of that is fine, but what isn’t fine is an ESPN analyst recommending that new refs will give the Chiefs and Mahomes special treatment.

“The league maybe can’t do anything about these comments, but it can certainly tell the officials when they have the Raiders vs. the Chiefs to keep a close eye on that,” Mike Greenberg of ESPN said. “You could see a festival of flags.”

So, that certainly wouldn’t help the Chiefs’ case in those terms. Right now, the Chiefs can still use the fact that they are one of the most penalized teams in the league across the last six years, but fans don’t want to hear that. If this happens the way Greenberg thinks it will, the Chiefs will just have to continue to put their head down and keep winning.

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