Everyone’s Accusing Kyle Shanahan Of ‘Lying Like LeBron James’ After His Wild Claim About Brock Purdy Was Revealed – News

Photo of LeBron James smiling and photo of Kyle Shanahan celebrating with Brock Purdy
San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has the internet comparing him to Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James following the revelation of a certain prediction.

James is famous for making some wild claims which can be found in various compilations across the web. But Shanahan’s put him in the shade this week – at least that’s how fans see it.

Niners owner Jed York spoke to the media on Thursday and revealed that Shanahan told him that Purdy was the best quarterback on the roster back in 2022, before he took his first snap in the NFL.

Still, he wasn’t named the starter until both Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance got injured.

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“I knew it, way back in August 2022, that Brock Purdy was going to be the best QB on the Niners,” one fan joked.

“I knew it, way back in August 2022, that Brock Purdy was going to be the best QB on the Niners” https://t.co/5wAkRCVQwO pic.twitter.com/280GW9t3h4

— Tommy Gahan (@tommysgahan) February 1, 2024

Check out some more reactions here:

I hate when ppl lie like this😂😭 this a Lebron James type of lie

— Ymeverythang (@ymeverytha46886) February 1, 2024

https://t.co/dfKbOfpOlr pic.twitter.com/LVlTMJwqKv

— Alex 👋 (@Dubs408) February 1, 2024

https://t.co/eOrSzAumtH pic.twitter.com/DA9zQQeQLK

— Mike Golic Jr (@mikegolicjr) February 1, 2024

https://t.co/aT3capZ6ZO pic.twitter.com/pIGrktV2Bw

— ؘ (@parisonfiIm) February 1, 2024

It doesn’t appear that folks are buying this, but Shanahan won’t care as long as Brock fires the 49ers to a championship.

The NCF Champions are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl on February 11. We’d love to hear Shanahan’s prediction on that too.

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