“Getting cooked by p*rnstars” – Adult star Mia Khalifa EXPOSING Steph Curry’s foot fetish back in 2017 makes comeback after Ayesha Curry’s shocking confirmation – News

Fans cannot get enough of Stephen Curry’s foot fetish situation, bring back ex-Porn star Mia Khalifa’s tweet to add to the roast

It seems Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry‘s recent coverage by the media is not going to die down easily. Now an old tweet from former pornstar Mia Khalifa has resurfaced. Sending the basketball world into a frenzy.

After recent media coverage of Ayesha Curry exposing the kinky side of her superstar husband Stephen Curry, fans have not had enough. Now fans brought back an old tweet from 2017 which has the Curry’s in a pickle. Famed pornstar wrote this in her tweet from her official page back then:

"If Steph Curry is so into feet, why are his shoes so ugly?"

Now imagine how fans would feel seeing this come up. As respectable as the Curry’s are, getting a former pornstar commenting on their personal life was the last thing they would have wanted.

Ayesha Curry’s talk show comments exposing the kinky side of her famous Golden State Warriors superstar husband have been doing the rounds of the internet for the past few days. Fans have been commenting left and right watching the viral video.

When you couple the recent struggles of the Warriors with all this outside noise, and bring in a tweet from a pornstar, things were going to be messy. All this noise is the last thing Stephen Curry would have wanted now with the Warriors struggling outside the Western Conference playoff spots.

Fans react to Mia Khalifa being linked to Steph Curry’s recent expose

Basketball fans are very passionate and protective about their beloved superstars. Especially when it is the likes of Stephen Curry who has built his reputation as a respectable human being since coming into the league. He has also built his family’s legacy over the years.
Mia Khalifa's tweet resurfaced after Ayesha Curry's video showcasing Stephen Curry's kinky side came upMia Khalifa’s tweet resurfaced after Ayesha Curry’s video showcasing Stephen Curry’s kinky side came up (image via Twitter)
So to watch the house he built over the years with sweat toil and respect being blown to bits by such negative publicity was not what fans wanted. So they were quick to voice their opinion on the internet about how bad things have been. Check out some of their reactions below;

With the latest revelations, hope it is the last of the non-basketball stuff for Stephen Curry for the time being. He needs to focus on the task at hand on the basketball court.

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