Michael Jordan‘s son Marcus and Larsa Pippen’s exit from the reality show ‘The Traitors’ in consecutive weeks has left many surprised.

Larsa Pippen walked into season 2 of the show with the ultimate support system.

She was one of four Real Housewives in the cast competing for the loot and also had her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, by her side.

But after they crashed out of the show one after the other, fans started to sympathize with the power couple due to their seemingly unfair exit.

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49-year-old Larsa shared a small update about her run in Peacock’s ‘The Traitors’, which got flooded by supportive comments, terming her the “queen” of the show. Larsa received eight out of 15 votes, making her the third straight ‘Faithful’ to be mistakenly banished by the table.

‘The Traitors’ has a unique storyline where the show consists of 20 famous people, split into ‘faithful’ and ‘traitors’. It’s a thrilling battle between the two, where the ‘traitors’ murder the ‘faithful’ and the ‘faithful’ find out and eliminate the ‘traitors’. Marcus and Larsa decided to join this show, but as individual participants, they would not have each other’s back. In episode 3 of season 2, the Chicago Bulls legend’s son was murdered (evicted) and just a week later, the entire crew decided to blame it on Larsa.

Without any evidence or a promising reason, the contestants termed Larsa a “traitor”, after they suspected that she might have planned this with Marcus before. And now, the famous couple are out of the show in just a week. Larsa’s outspokenness likely ended up putting her in the crosshairs of the Traitors. Entertainment Weekly asked Larsa what could she change about she played the game. She replied, “I wouldn’t have been so open with my opinions. I think if I would’ve just stayed under the radar, played the nice widow role, then it would’ve benefited me.” 

Larsa made it clear after her exit that she wanted to play the game fair. In an Instagram post shared by bravotalktoomuch, she can be seen saying, “We knew that we’re gonna go in there, and if you’re a Traitor, or if I’m a Traitor, we’re gonna have to do what we have to do.” But the other contestants did not believe so and Marcus also believed, “feel like we came into the game with a target on our back.” This treatment has worked great for the RHOM star as fans have now started to back her up.

This support started from her boyfriend Marcus, who shared in the comments, “Gone too soon, my love”While there is a reason for this, a few Instagram users on the other side have shown some unconditional support. Most of them continue to call her a “queen“, but some felt they missed out on something monumental. “WE WERE ROBBED OF A FULL SEASON WITH U IN IT.”

One fan felt Larsa’s elimination didn’t justify her contributions to the show, as she was one of the best. “You did such an a amazing job on traitors I hope to see you come back next season you were always the closest to knowing who the traitors were.” Another fan backed that claim, writing, “YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS SHOW.”

Some fans are already finding the show empty without the RHOM star’s presence. “It’s not the same without you.” The seemingly unfair treatment has left a sour taste in the mouths of fans as one wrote, “Justice for Larsa!!!!!”

Well, the comments sum up the impact Larsa Pippen had on the show. What are your thoughts on her sudden exit? Do you think it was unfair?

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