‘He Will Forever Flip Flop’: Scottie Pippen Hails Long Time Foe Michael Jordan As NBA GOAT Leaving Fans Surprised

Bаsketbаll Hаll of Fаmer, Sсottie Pіppen, hаs а well-known feud wіth legendаry teаmmаte Mіchael Jordаn, yet unheѕitatingly reсognizes hіs unрaralleled аbilities.

Pіppen, durіng аn аppeаrаnce on the Todаy Show іn Auѕtralia, сonfirmed Jordаn аs bаsketbаll’s GOAT when queѕtioned.

He рromрtly reѕponded, “Oh, for ѕure. I meаn, you look аt the MVPѕ thаt he wаs аble to аchieve. But I thіnk іt wаs аll brought from uѕ beіng ѕucceѕѕful аs а teаm.

Someone’s gonna bring those accolades home. But yeah, he was the greatest player, definitely, in basketball”.

In light of his admitted rivalry with Jordan, his acknowledgment surprised fans. Known for their critical and somewhat perturbed relationship, Pippen’s statement spurred a chain of reactions, many of them surprised.

Some fans also introduced the topic of Pippen’s separation from Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, suggesting it had aided in mending Pippen and Jordan’s relationship.

Presently, Pippen is in Australia with fellow former Chicago Bulls team members Luc Longley and Horace Grant. They collaborated with Australia’s National Basketball League to initiate a tour called “No Bull,” discussing Jordan, the 1990s Bulls team, and The Last Dance documentary from 2020.

Reflections on ‘The Last Dance’ and Pippen’s Evolving Views on Jordan

When asked about the 2020 ESPN documentary ‘The Last Dance’, Pippen shared his criticisms. He believed that the documentary focused more on glorifying Jordan’s legacy than on telling the authentic story of the Bulls’ dynasty. However, Pippen maintained a polite demeanor as he discussed it this time.


“I considered it to be truly special,” Pippen expressed. “It was a unique opportunity for us to recreate some of the most noteworthy moments in basketball history. More so, it allowed us to demonstrate what team basketball looks like.

During the pandemic, as everyone was confined to their homes, it served as an educational tool. It showed people the greatness of the game when it’s played properly.”

Pippen, alongside former Bulls teammates Horace Grant and Luc Longley, is currently touring The Land Down Under for their ‘No Bull’ event. They are set to deliver their account of the Chicago Bulls narrative.

Many anticipate that the trio may contest some or several assertions made by Jordan in ‘The Last Dance’. However, no insights from their perspective have been provided so far.


Pippen has been vocal in his critique of Jordan since ‘The Last Dance’ premiered. He was displeased with the portrayal of other Bulls players as minor contributors to the team’s triumphs.

He even labeled LeBron James as “the greatest statistical performer in the game of basketball” during a podcast last year.

Despite his earlier criticisms of Jordan, Pippen’s recent praises have caught many by surprise. Bulls fans will likely be warmed by his positive remarks about his former partner in the game.

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