The latest sports team evaluations are in, and the Golden State Warriors emerge as the frontrunners within the NBA.

The team ranks #2 amongst the top 100 sports teams around the globe.

However, akin to the NBA’s past financial struggles and difficulty securing prime-time television slots, the Warriors faced their own challenges over the years.

It was only after the arrival of Stephen Curry that the franchise could steadily ascend the ranks.

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In Curry’s inaugural season, the team was valued at a modest $315 million. Fast forward almost 15 seasons, and they now command an impressive $8.2 billion valuation. While it might be tempting for Curry fans to attribute this surge solely to the player’s influence, various other factors have played pivotal roles in the remarkable transformation.

Generating substantial revenue from sponsorships, the NBA, as a global league, amassed over $1.5 billion solely from this source last year. The Golden State Warriors, in particular, have strategically woven a web of 37 different sponsors, each pocketing a minimum annual spend of $1 million. Notably, their most significant deal is with the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, with a renewal agreement for the jersey patch on Warriors uniforms amounting to a hefty $45 million per season.

Remarkably, the average tenure for a Warriors sponsorship deal spans an impressive 9 years. This adds stability to the franchise, even in challenging seasons like the current one.

Fortunately, the Warriors can leverage their massive fanbase, which ranks top on social media following among North American sports franchises and also extends its influence globally. In 2023, the Chinese market specialist agency Mailman recognized the Warriors as the most popular NBA franchise online in China, providing an additional layer of support and resilience for the team.

With that, credit is due to the ownership group led by Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, who have been steering the Warriors since 2010. The team’s overall value receives a significant boost from the multi-use development surrounding the Chase Center. In addition, the franchise ventured into new territories by establishing Golden State Entertainment in 2022, a company excelling in music and film while also specializing in hosting events.

The Warriors also lead when it comes to revenue, being the second non-soccer and only NBA team among the top eight teams. Their market brilliance is a testament to the NBA’s evolving model, bringing them close to the NFL.

Now, as the NBA will decide upon the upcoming new media deal, it can significantly uptick more streams for the Dubsnation. In the early 2010s, NBA teams were selling at prices averaging around three times revenue. The Warriors are already nearly twenty folds of what they were sold for last, $415 million. Moreover, they are further expanding their sports portfolio. in 2025, the Warriors will launch an expansion team in the WNBA.

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