Instagram Model Calls Out LeBron James For Being Unfaithful, Claims To Know Multiple Women He’s Slept With While Married (TWEETS) – News

2023 seems to be the year where Instagram models and adult stars are coming out of the woodwork to expose men who have dealt with them,

tried to deal with them, or messed around with others.

The newest Instagram model, himynamesteee,

took to her Twitter on Friday and claims that her followers were mentioning the name of LeBron James as a faithful millionaire when she personally knows women he dealt with.

Split image of LeBron James yelling on the court and himynamesteee posing for the camera.
“Not y’all trying to tell me Lebron James is a faithful millionaire and i personally know women he’s…nvm.”

Not y’all trying to tell me Lebron James is a faithful millionaire and i personally know women he’s…nvm. 😂

— 👑 (@himynamestee) June 23, 2023

After a ton of backlash, she would somewhat walk back her statement.

As you know, rumors have long followed LeBron as a cheated in his marriage with Savannah James, but there has never been any concrete evidence aside from hearsay. There are, however, many videos showing him dismissing and even running away from women trying to get his attention.

Sofia Franklyn openly accused LeBron of cheating on Savannah by making women sign NDAs on her podcast “Sofia with an F.” However, still no evidence.

In 2014, rumors started floating around about LeBron James having an affair with social media influencer YesJulz. It took almost ten years, but she finally dispelled those rumors this year.

Julz made it clear that she would never ever disrespect Savannah James. She and LeBron have been married for close to 10 years now and have three kids together. They are in a loving and committed relationship but the only blemish on it are scandalous rumors.

In the meantime, LeBron James is the outright holder of the All-Time scoring record in the NBA after he surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record this past regular season.

LeBron is likely to play his 21st season next year.

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