Instagram Model Finally Clears Up Rumors About Being Linked To LeBron James (PIC) – News

Sofia Jamora just wants the rumors to stop.

Back in 2020, the Instagram model was all over the news with allegations that she hooked up with LeBron James, which came from fellow model Erza Haliti.

At that time, Jamora told her followers, “I am not affiliated whatsoever with this girl, ‘Erza.’ ” She insisted that she’s “also in fact not affiliated with any man sexually.”

Now, she is back in the news again as being allegedly spotted as the woman who left a party with the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. She fired back at WagsUnfiltered over the accusations.

“I was never with LeBron nor do I know who he is and 2. i’m not white”

When faced with more accusations of being seen with him, she fired back with, “i’m not phased keep talking and spreading lies but realize you’re hurting others beside me.”

Always remember that a lie will always have the potential to be more entertaining than the truth. There are no pictures or videos of the two of them together in the social media age, and absolutely nothing that connects the two of them together other than hearsay.

Not even TMZ would miss this scoop of the century.


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