“Jackson Mahomes should be in jail”: Fans question Patrick Mahomes’ brother’s presence in Chiefs’ entourage

With Patrick Mahomes gaining popularity, there’s no denying the spotlight that falls onto his friends and family. This includes his wife Brittany, mother Randi, and brother Jackson Mahomes.

The family is regularly talked about, fans and trolls sharing content on social media.

Jackson Mahomes, however, remains a popular figure on the internet.

Fans have been trolling and calling out the younger Mahomes for years, often targeting him over one controversy or another.

"Jackson Mahomes should be in jail": Fans question Patrick Mahomes

The hate increased in 2023, especially as Jackson Mahomes was accused (and later arrested) of sexual battery. Though Jackson has slowly resumed regular social media activity, his recent association with Taylor Swift and the rest of the Chiefs family has people trolling the TikTok star on social media.

In a recent video shared after Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs’ AFC title win against the Baltimore Ravens, Jackson was seen tagging along with his brother and sister-in-law as they left the stadium.

Fans were quick to comment, referring to Jackson as creepy while mentioning his court case and jail trip.

Comments flood on TikTok as fans blast Jackson
Comments flood on TikTok as fans blast Jackson

Not everyone was happy with Jackson being out of jail, writing:

“Jackson Mahomes should be in jail”.

Others who referred to Jackson’s controversial past connected him to the Chiefs’:

“Mark my words. Patrick’s downfall will be Jackson. No other franchise would allow this”.

Though Jackson and Brittany Mahomes have remained relatively vocal about the hate they have received, the Mahomes family is tight-lipped over the 23-year-old’s legal matter.

Jackson Mahomes court case: How have Patrick Mahomes’ brother’s legal troubles progressed?

Shortly after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win in 2023, Jackson Mahomes was accused of sexual assault by Aspen Vaughn, a 40-year-old KC restaurant owner. As per Vaughn, Jackson grabbed her by the throat and forcibly kissed her, causing her to file a complaint and go public with the information.

The incident took place on Feb. 25, 2023, when Mahomes was also accused of pushing and assaulting an employee.

However, a few weeks after Vaughn went public with her alleged story in March, she revealed she had received death threats. Eventually, the restaurant was closed in August.

Jackson’s attorney, Brandan Davies, spoke to The Star in a statement:

“Like I said from the beginning, Jackson has done nothing wrong. We had full confidence that the truth of the matter would ultimately be revealed. The defense will reserve further comment until the remaining count is disposed of.”

While Mahomes’ preliminary hearing kept getting postponed, reports revealed that Jackson Mahomes’ side had filed for a dismissal of his sexual battery charges. He will, however, still be investigated further for the misdemeanor charge.

As mentioned, Jackson or Patrick Mahomes are yet to address the situation directly.

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