Will the Lakers draft Bronny James to join LeBron?

Would the Los Angeles Lakers consider selecting Bronny James in the 2024 NBA Draft?

Will Bronny even enter the draft after his freshman season with USC basketball?

Adrian Wojnarowski addressed these questions during a recent segment on ESPN, via NBA on ESPN.

“The Lakers are not a developmental program. They are a win-now program,” Wojnarowski said. “What’s going to be best for Bronny James, what he wants, what they want as an organization.”

Wojnarowski isn’t sure that getting selected by the Lakers would be the best thing to happen for Bronny. Of course, the idea of Bronny teaming up with LeBron has been floated around in rumors. There is even a chance that LeBron could join whichever team Bronny gets drafted to.

Will the Lakers draft Bronny James?

Bronny has endured an up-and-down season with USC so far. It is not certain what round Bronny would be selected in if he enters the draft. Of course, the season isn’t over and he can boost his draft value with a strong finish to his freshman campaign.

The Lakers also haven’t had a great season. They are 22-22 as of this story’s writing. Losing LeBron James would be a massive blow for LA, so perhaps Los Angeles would be open to the idea of drafting Bronny in order to entice LeBron to stay with the team.

Wojnarowski isn’t sure that will be the deciding factor, however.

“I’m not sure that’s all that’s at stake here,” Wojnarowski continued. “Maybe it’s a factor but I do think for Bronny James, if he’s out this year, the idea of what’s the best place for him too.”

There is still a lot of uncertainty about Bronny and LeBron’s basketball futures. There is a chance we will see both on the Lakers at some point. However, there is also a chance of Bronny being drafted elsewhere and LeBron leaving.

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