Larsa Pippen Claims Michael Jordan Gave His Blessing For Her To Date His Son (VIDEO) – News

It appears that Larsa Pippen has met Michael Jordan about dating his son, Marcus.

48-year-old Larsa opened up about her relationship with 32-year-old Marcus Jordan on the “Tamron Hall Show” as she revealed that the Chicago Bulls legend and Marcus’ mom have zero issues with their relationship.

“When you’re an adult, parents just want to see you happy,” she noted. “We’re in a great place, we motivate each other. We’re really happy being together and I feel like that’s the most important thing.”

Larsa said she first met Marcus four years ago at a party despite rumors she met him as a kid growing up.

“We’re in a really good place,” Larsa stated on The Tamron Hall Show Feb. 28. “I feel like a lot of people think that we’ve known each other our whole lives, which we have not. We literally just met at a party four years ago and we were just friends.”

As for Larsa and Marcus’ 16-year age difference, the star isn’t bothered by chatter about her dating a younger man.

“I’ve dated guys a lot older than me—Scottie is 10 years older than me—so I don’t really view age as you’re mature or immature,” the reality star told host Tamron Hall. “I don’t feel like that determines if you’re mature or not. I feel like if you can drink at 21, you can go to war at 18, there’s different circumstances.”

Michael’s 2020 docuseries The Last Dance drove a wedge between him and Scottie as the two are no longer on speaking terms. Larsa, who remains close with her ex-husband following their 2022 divorce, told Tamron that the feud has no impact on her relationship with Marcus.

“I can’t basically explain how someone else feels,” she said of Scottie, with whom she shares four kids. “I feel like I live my truth, I’m happy. I feel like we get along, he’s my best friend.”

“For me being someone who was married to an athlete, it’s really hard. You get scrutinized a lot,” she explained. “People don’t think you should have a life once you get divorced. They think once you’re divorced, you’re done. And I feel like I’ve overcome so many different obstacles because I feel like I should have love, I should be able to date who I want. I should be able to live happy and go wherever I want to go and not be judged every time I’m with someone.”

Before Marcus Jordan, Larsa was in a very public relationship with Los Angeles Lakers player Malik Beasley, who was married at the time. The relationship ended badly as Beasley apologized to his wife and they have sent welcomed a child into the world.

Beasley is now teammates with Larsa’s son, Scotty Pippen Jr.

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