Larsa Pippen Forced To Delete Raunchy Photoshopped Image Of Herself After Getting Destroyed Online (PICS)

Larsa Pippen decided to delete what social media determined was a heavily photoshopped snap from Instagram after getting dragged in the comments.

Larsa, the ex-wife of former NBA superstar Scottie Pippen, took to IG to share a photo of herself in a raunchy swimsuit, using the caption “Sunshine on my mind.”

But she didn’t get the reaction she was after as many users spewed disappointment over the editing.

Some comments criticized the filtered appearance of her skin while others blasted her for a pose in which she opened her legs up to draw attention to a certain region of her body.

Many of the comments are said to have pointed out that she’s a mother and that she should be a role model to her four children. You can see the full image here.

Larsa Pippen in Denim outfit

According to TMZ, she decided to take the post down because it upset her father, who reached out to her to express his disapproval.

Of course, some fans defended her in the comments as well, pointing out that she should be able to show herself off however she wants and flaunt her beauty whenever she feels like it.

Larsa is now in a relationship with Marcus Jordan, the son of her ex-husband’s former teammate, Michael Jordan. They have been together since 2022 and are planning to get married at some point.

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