LeBron And Bronny James Spotted At Mayo Clinic In Minnesota Seeking “Further Treatment” After Frightening Cardiac Arrest (VIDEO) – News

Split image of LeBron and Bronny James exiting the Mayo Clinic
LeBron James and his family aren’t going through the easiest of times right now.

Bronny James, LeBron’s eldest son, had a scary medical incident last month that could have been a lot worse had it not been for the quick reactions of first responders.

The USC freshman collapsed during practice with his new team, the result of cardiac arrest.

The youngster has since been discharged from hospital, with LeBron also making a short statement, but questions remain.

Split image of LeBron and Bronny James exiting the Mayo Clinic

LBJ and his son flew to Rochester, Minnesota this past weekend, according to TMZ Sports, and have been spotted inside and around the Mayo Clinic as they try to piece together exactly what happened.

The publication has obtained footage of their exiting the downtown Terza Ristorante following a visit to said clinic along with some friends. It’s reported that they were mobbed by fans while making their move.

In the video below, Bronny is seen leaving first and is followed by LeBron before they get into an SUV and are driven away while fans scream and pull out their phones.

LeBron James & Bronny Visiting Mayo Clinic In Minnesota After Cardiac Arrest#LeBronJames and #BronnyJames have jetted off to Minnesota to seek out further treatment for the USC hooper following last month’s medical scare. https://t.co/HuA29rzGih pic.twitter.com/2fNoSjt5Hb

— TMZ (@TMZ) August 8, 2023

Bronny was released from hospital on July 27 after spending several days under observation, though he was not in intensive care for too long. The teenager was spotted going out to dinner with his family in Los Angeles the following day.

His basketball future remains unclear amid fears he may be forced away from the game as a result of the incident.

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