Kim Mulkey’s unwavering dedication to basketball can never be questioned.

In the course of her 23-year coaching career, Mulkey has delivered many flamboyant performances, both as a player and coach.However, her peak career can be mentioned with LSU and Angel Reese, as she led the Lady Tigers to their first-ever national championship last year.

Kim is the first player, assistant coach, and head coach in NCAA women’s basketball history to win a national title.

Mulkey’s four national victories are indicative of her resilience;

these have earned her permafrost fame in the NCAA world as well as some lucrative offers in her career.

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The head coach of LSU has amassed a staggering wealth of $12 million. Which comes as a reward for her dedication to her basketball journey. Mulkey’s financial gains have been attributed to her basketball achievements. Her main income stream is flooded by her coaching profession, as numerous accolades and recognition from international competitions have also contributed to many lucrative deals.

Her monthly earnings can be calculated at around $90,000, which easily exceeds her annual income of about $1 million. But the jackpot deal was with the Lady Tigers. Since her appointment as head coach of LSU in 2021, her money ladder started to grow as Kim Mulkey climbed with ease in millions.

However, Lousiana Tech was the beginning point of Kim Mulkey’s career. It was the first stepping stone of her successful coaching profession where she led the team to the national championship in her very first year as a coach in 1988. But soon her career saw a transition as she swiftly jumped from Lousiana Tech to the Baylor Bears, which earned her name and fame together.

As a jewel to crown, Kim Mulkey secured three national championships with the Bears, making them a formidable force in college basketball. Seeing the spontaneity of success and omnipotent energy she radiated with her team, Lousiana State University didn’t blink twice before hiring her as the head coach.

A lucrative contract was presented to her with a whopping sum of $23.6 million, which surpassed her entire earnings with the Baylor Bears. The LSU Tigers have given her the cushy sum for her tenure of 8 years, which makes her the highest-paid women’s basketball coach, just trailing behind UConn’s Geno Auriemma.

The Most Compelling Deal with LSU

The 2023 Finals between LSU and Iowa just flipped the college basketball landscape. When everyone is busy talking about Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark, one has to keep a keen eye on how Kim Mulkey produces success with any team given to her.

With the National Title in her first year with LSU, Kim Mulkey managed to pull off a lucrative deal in September, which is considered the most expensive deal in women’s basketball history. Which is a ten-year deal worth $32 million, making her the highest-paid coach in women’s basketball history.

She surpassed the most expensive coach, the WNBA’s Becky Hammon, who earns $1 million annually. Her paycheck also exceeded that of two of the famous NCAA coaches, Geno Auriemma and Dawn Staley, who earn 2.9 and 2.7 million, respectively. It was indeed a historical paycheck, as no other coach has climbed the money ladder within such a short period of time.

Her previous deal with LSU will run until 2029, and under the contract, Kim Mulkey is expected to earn around $2.5 million. With the new contract in action, the discussed figures will be $2.27 million in her first year, and they will rise to a whopping $3.65 million as her annual income in her final year.

Under the rules of termination without cause, LSU has to compensate Mulkey with $ 2 million in such circumstances. The figure drastically inverted when it was compared to the coach of LSU men’s basketball, Matt McMagon, who has signed a contract worth $14 million.

Kim Mulkey is one of the few coaches who has been paid consistently with big numbers. Her tenure at Bears and Lousina Tech would combine to a total of $10 million, but her new deal with LSU has flipped her millionaire status to the next level.

The controversies with Kim Mulkey’s pay are highly evident because of her surge in numbers, and we should also keep in mind that she is one of the most happening coaches to make any team a super team, and she holds a row full of examples in her life to showcase the brilliance.

In a hypothetical scenario, if LSU happened to repeat the championships, it’s no wonder that her contract might be revised, as she’s the hot catch for many universities and proved herself as a worthy candidate to hold the championship as a player, assistant coach, and head coach.

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