Michael Jordan’s Daughter Was Turning Heads With Her Surprising Outfit Choice At Concert (PICS) – News

Michael Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine, has mostly stayed away from the spotlight, unlike her brother Marcus. But she’s still active enough on social media to go viral every once in a while.

Jasmine, who has a significant position with Nike, with which her father has maintained a very profitable partnership since his early playing days, has over 100,000 followers and Instagram.

And she went viral towards the end of last week after sharing her outfit ahead of a Beyonce concert.

Michael Jordan poses with his daughter Jasmine.

The 30-year-old, apparently a huge Beyonce fan, wore a white cropped tank top and a long camouflage-print skirt featuring a split going right up to her pelvic area.

“Might I Suggest You Don’t F With My Sis,” she wrote along with a bee emoji.

Check it out right below:

As mentioned above, Marcus has found it hard to remain out of the spotlight as he’s dating Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa. The relationship has been getting a lot of attention because, of course, Pippen and Jordan used to be teammates – and, while Pippen will deny it now, they used to be good friends too.

MJ recently revealed he does not approve of the relationship, something both Marcus and Larsa deny as they’ve said he’s given them his blessing privatel

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