NBA – After the intimate rumors spread by Rodman, the Lakers team’s owner officially spoke up: “He and I…

NBA – After the intimate rumor launched by Rodman, the boss of the Lakers cash: “He and I…

Passed by the Lakers at the end of his career, Dennis Rodman would have maintained an extra-professional relationship with Jeanie Buss, now at the head of the franchise.

A rumor launched by The Worm and to which the manager reacted firmly.

With only 23 matches played in the Purple & Gold jersey, it is difficult to make his time with the franchise a notable period of his career.

Signed by the Lakers in February 1999, Dennis Rodman didn’t really stay there forever.

La légende NBA Dennis Rodman (gauche) et la propriétaire des Los Angeles Lakers, Jeanie Buss (droite)

His adventure in Los Angeles even lasted less than two months, he who saw his contract terminated by the Angelino front office. However, don’t think that there hasn’t been some commotion.

Jeanie Buss opens up about her alleged relationship with Dennis Rodman

If, according to him, he never managed to get along with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, Rodman would nevertheless have established some affinities with influential members of the Lakers.

Starting with the current owner of the franchise, Jeanie Buss, with whom he was even… very intimate. This is what he declared without filter during a conference in 2022, before reiterating it a year later to VladTV:

Dennis Rodman: It was hard because I knew Kobe and Shaq weren’t going to like me. I know this because I discussed it with Jerry Buss. He adored me. I dated his daughter.

We were together for six months, and I know Kobe and Shaq didn’t like me because all the attention was on me. They rarely spoke to me, even during matches. I think that’s why they cut me.

Relatively discreet in the media, Jeanie Buss finally had the opportunity to respond to these allegations in an interview with Graham Bensinger. And according to her, the old interior would have invented this relationship from scratch:

Jeanie Buss: He and I didn’t date.

Still, Rodman’s story wouldn’t come completely out of nowhere. Indeed, according to the boss of the Purple & Gold, she was indeed responsible for tracking him during his short stint in the team:

Jeanie Buss: I mean, yeah, in other words, when my dad recruited Dennis Rodman, we were like, “Let’s make sure we know where he is at all times.”

So, basically, no matter where Dennis went, whether it was a restaurant, a nightclub or a beach, we went there. If you think that making sure I kept an eye on him was about going out with him, then you can say that.

Preceded by his reputation as a party animal capable of disappearing overnight, The Worm would therefore have often rubbed shoulders with Buss outside the Lakers’ facilities. This, without having maintained any romance with her.

Between Dennis Rodman and Jeanie Buss, who is telling the truth about their hypothetical affair?

Difficult to form a clear opinion on the question. The mystery should therefore continue to persist, which does not seem to disturb the Lakers boss too much.

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