NBA – Faced with trade rumors, Draymond Green candidly expressed: “I know that… “He is the one who should be transferred” – News

NBA – Faced with trade rumors,
Draymond Green candidly expressed: “I know that…
“He is the one who should be transferred”

During his period of suspension, Draymond Green’s position was severely questioned by many experts.

We even got to a point where his departure by the trade deadline was openly considered, something to which the Warriors superstar was keen to retort.

Draymond Green on the trade block; 5 possible landing spots

In addition to all the problems that the Warriors have experienced this season, who are only 12th in the West with a negative record of 18 wins for 22 losses, Draymond Green has not been of much help, far far from it.

Already indicted for strangling Rudy Gobert earlier in the season, the Dubs veteran did it again and received a new suspension following his punch on Jusuf Nurkic

Recently, the NBA decided to lift its punishment.

The 2017 DPOY was therefore able to join his teammates and return to competition a few days ago.

But during this period of absence, the latter was strongly criticized from all sides, to the point where he began to be the subject of numerous transfer rumors.

However, all this greatly displeased the principal concerned:

Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green and James Wiseman unlikely to play in preseason | NBA News | Sky Sports

Draymond’s update on transfer rumors

There have been a lot of transfer rumors, I know my name has been mentioned. I know everyone’s name was mentioned except Stephen Curry.

To be honest, I didn’t think about it at all. I hear the same things as you.

I know we’ve been linked to Pascal Siakam… but I mean if you’re 18-22, how can you question what someone does? But we have never been an active trade deadline team in over 12 years.

It was in his eponymous podcast that Draymond spoke about the file that linked him to Pascal Siakam.

The new recruit of the Pacers was indeed on the radar of the Warriors, while he was still playing with the Raptors.

With a view to strengthening themselves and bringing a little more size to the team, the Californian leaders could have tried to bring in the Cameroonian in exchange for the 33-year-old player.

To tell the truth, the four-time champion has not really given satisfaction this season during his rare appearances.

His playing time even decreased to 25.1 minutes per match while he averaged 31.5 minutes in 2022-2023, reflecting a possible loss of confidence from his coach.

And even if the GS watchdog thinks he’s untransferable, some fans wouldn’t be against the idea.

He is the one who should be transferred

Long under fire from critics, Draymond Green was expected to pack up during this transfer period.

It’s not yet too late for this to happen, but the Warriors superstar is nevertheless convinced to stay on his team as the trade deadline approaches.

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