NBA Fans Are Falling In Love With Sacramento Kings Owner’s Daughter, Anjali Ranadive (PICS) – News

The Sacramento Kings may have had a better record than the Golden State Warriors in the regular season, but nobody really expected them to be able to hang with the team come playoff time.

They have shown that and more through four games.

Aside from the actual series, another person is receiving a ton of attention just for be in attendance at the games.

Anjali Ranadive, the daughter of the Kings owner, has been trending on social media. The daughter of the Kings owner is also the assistant general manager for the franchise’s G League team.

Anjali Ranadive in Kings colors. Anjali Ranadive sitting on a basketball

Ranadive, also known as Anjali World, was known also in the entertainment world as a singer and songwriter. Anjali began singing at a young age and has since blossomed into a talented artist with a loyal following.

Anjali’s music is known for its catchy hooks and relatable lyrics. Her debut single, “We Turn Up,” quickly gained popularity on music streaming sites and earned her a spot on the Billboard charts.

The 30-year-old is also the founder of Jaws & Paws, a marine and wildlife conservation nonprofit group that started in 2013.

As for the team, the Kings are now tied in the series 2-2 with the Golden State Warriors after they won the first two games of the playoff battle.

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