NBA fans lose their minds as a video of Brittney Griner kissing Kevin Durant appears (VIDEO + TWEETS) – News

Kevin Durant and Brittney Griner dating?! Fact-checking hilarious meme after their viral “kissing” video resurfaces

Kevin Durant joined Brittney Griner in Phoenix after signing with the Suns. Griner also re-signed with the Mercury franchise for the upcoming WNBA season.

The two seem to have shared an excellent relationship over the years.

Durant and Griner recently hugged and embraced after linking up during one of the Mercury’s practice sessions.

Griner returned to the United States after 10 months of detention in Russia after authorities allegedly discovered a cannabis vape cartridge in her luggage, leading to her arrest and conviction.

Kevin Durant and Brittney Griner

Kevin Durant and Brittney Griner

A video of Griner kissing KD on the cheek during Team USA’s tour at the Olympic Village ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics resurfaced online.

me page hilariously said that the two superstars from Phoenix are rumored to be dating, confusing many fans and leading them to wonder if the report is valid.

However, that isn’t the case. Kevin Durant is single, while Brittney Griner has been happily married to Cherelle Griner since 2019. Griner also revealed her sexuality in 2013, disclosing that she was gay.

Phoenix basketball is on the rise following the addition of Kevin Durant and return of Brittney Griner

The Phoenix Suns and Mercury organizations have built on their reputations as the best basketball teams over the last few years. The Suns traded for Kevin Durant in a blockbuster deal with the Brooklyn Nets at the deadline last month, while the Mercury re-signed Brittney Griner after two years.

Durant and Griner are the top athletes in men’s and women’s basketball, respectively. Durant is arguably the best player in the NBA right now, while Griner was an All-Star in her last season in the WNBA. She led the Mercury to the finals in 2021. Griner was their best player in the playoffs, averaging 20.5 points, 9.5 rebounds and 1.9 blocks per game.

It remains to be seen if she can replicate those efforts after missing nearly two years of on-court action. Meanwhile, Durant is off to a hot start in his Suns career. On Tuesday, he bagged 23 points on 10-of-15 shooting in his debut in a 105-91 win against the Hornets.

KD looked comfortable with a new roster around him, and that’s a significant boost for the Suns (34-29). They don’t have much time to configure their new-look team featuring Durant. They only have 19 games until the playoffs.

Nevertheless, Kevin Durant’s skillset allows him to adapt easier than most superstars in the league. The Suns have a legitimate shot at winning the NBA championship this season if Durant can build off his debut outing.

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