NBA fans respond to Bruce Brown paying his new teammate, the Raptors, $10,000 for the No. 11 jersey, exposing specifics of the deal that excite the supporters.

Bruce Brown’s $10,000 play securing No. 11 jersey for a Raptors teammate has sparked a frenzy among NBA fans. Read to know more on the same.

Indiana Pacers traded Bruce Brown Jr. to acquire the former Toronto Raptors star, Pascal Siakam. Having won the 2023 NBA championship with the Denver Nuggets, Brown signed with Indiana in the offseason before the eventual 33-games-played trade.

A minor glitch occurred before Brown could start his game with the Raptors. Desired no. 11 jersey by Brown was already under occupation by power forward Jontay Porter, who is on a dual contract.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Having undertaken merely eight games this season for the Raptors, Porter has proved his mettle by stepping in for the injured Jakob Poeltl.
Despite being a two-year center on a non-guaranteed contract, it remains to be seen whether Porter will end the season with Toronto or turn into a trade package.

Back in 2011, he was traded to the New York Knicks, a significant four years before his draft by the Denver Nuggets.

The considerable No. 15 was available for grabs as it wasn’t retired by the team. He quickly jumped at the opportunity to claim it, needing neither permission nor financial negotiation to wear the number.

Raptors’ dilemma: Bruce Brown Jr.’s contract and trade possibilities

Unfortunately, Bruce Brown Jr. could find himself playing elsewhere, even after spending $10K. Talk suggests that the Toronto Raptors are still in the trade marketplace.

Boasting a team-friendly contract and impactful play, Brown is a coveted trade asset. The 2023 NBA champion earns $22 million, with a $23 million option available for the team next season.

However, both Indiana and Toronto decided not to take up that option on his contract. Until March 17, 2024, following his Pacers-Raptors transfer, Brown cannot be included in a group trade.

Although Toronto’s moves may be somewhat restricted, the future of this seasoned guard remains uncertain.

Unless other trade deals could enhance the team, the Toronto Raptors might hang on to Bruce Brown Jr. He offers strong depth behind RJ Barrett and can fill shooting guard, maintaining his role from the Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers.

Following Pascal Siakam’s exit, the Raptors emphasized that Scottie Barnes is their future focus. Brown’s defensive abilities, energetic play, and outside shooting could enrich the team’s ensemble.

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