NBA Legend Dwyane Wade Got Taunted By Knicks Fans With Disgusting Remarks During Game 1: “Why’d You Mutilate Your Son?’ (VIDEO) – News

The former NBA star—who spent the majority of his prolific basketball career playing for the Miami Heat—announced last month that he was forced to leave the Sunshine State because of the state’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

In 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill into law, legally prohibiting public teachers from instructing on sexual orientation and gender identity.

His family has been a major topic of discussion because of his transgender daughter, Zaya Wade. Many people have spoken out against it and him.

Dwayne wade going through fans. Kid yelling ta him
Dwyane Wade is not being well received around the country regarding his transgender daughter.

Wade was at Madison Square Garden for Game 1 which featured the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks. After the 108-101 victory by the Heat, Wade made his way out of the building, but not before he ran into some Knicks fans.

They, of course, booed him because he was cheering for the team he played with, but one guy did so while asking why he mutilated his son.

Dwyane Wade’s 15-year-old transgender daughter was granted an official name and gender change earlier this year. A Los Angeles County judge signed off on the petition, first filed by the former NBA star in August 2022.

Zaya, whom Dwyane shares with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, came out as trans in February 2020.

The teenager is now legally female, and her full legal name is Zaya Malachi Airamis Wade.

The retired NBA star has consistently advocated for Zaya’s right to “live more comfortably and honestly in all aspects of her life,” while Funches has accused her ex of “pressuring” their child to “move forward” with a name and gender change “in order to capitalize on financial opportunities.”

Dwyane called the claims “nonsensical” in a November 2022 filing, adding, “While it certainly would have been preferable for Zaya’s mother to be supportive of this important part of Zaya’s journey, Zaya should not be forced to put her life on hold while she waits for Siohvaughn to acknowledge and accept her truth.”

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