NBA – Things are moving in LA, first transfer offer confirmed on the Lakers side! – News

NBA – Things are moving in LA, first transfer offer confirmed on the Lakers side!

While fans were waiting for the Lakers in the heights of the Western Conference, they finally found themselves fighting for play in.

A situation that should force Rob Pelinka to get active on the market, and obviously, he has already made an offer to a team in the Eastern Conference!

Like every season, a team led by LeBron James finds itself at the heart of all the rumors in the NBA. It must be said that the King has never had any other ambition than winning the title, so when he considers his group too narrow to be in the race, he puts pressure on his leaders to obtain the necessary reinforcements.

LeBron James dans le vestiaire des lakers

And with their record of 21 wins and 21 losses at mid-season, the Lakers are currently quite far from the best teams in the league. If the No. 23 kicked in after the last meeting, explaining that he did not want to talk about the trade deadline out of respect for his teammates in danger, there is no doubt that Rob Pelinka is active in the offices.

Dejounte Murray on his way to the Lakers?!

Moreover, after conducting his internal investigation, The Athletic journalist Jovan Buha was able to confirm that very serious discussions had recently taken place between the Lakers and the Hawks regarding Dejounte Murray. An offer was even put on the table, and it is far from shameful. The situation could quickly resolve itself.

The Lakers and the Hawks have discussed the conditions for a trade around Dejounte Murray. Los Angeles would receive: Dejounte Murray. Atlanta would receive: D’Angelo Russell, Jalen Hood-Schifino, a first-round pick in the 2029 Draft and other future picks.

It’s not just a fan’s fantasy, the Hawks and the Lakers have indeed discussed a trade centered on Dejounte Murray. Names have been put on the table for compensation, draft picks too, but nothing has materialized yet. It may take a little more to convince the leaders of Atlanta, and in particular Austin Reaves.

I don’t see what the Hawks gain in this negotiation

There is movement in Los Angeles, and it is confirmation that D’Angelo Russell will probably no longer be a Laker after the deadline. On the other hand, if he really wants to make a deal, Rob Pelinka will probably have to think about including Austin Reaves.

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