NBA – Warriors destroyed According to legend after the Draymond incident: “THEY ARE AFRAID.. – News

NBA – Warriors destroyed According to legend after the Draymond incident:

Draymond Green seems more and more out of control.

Suspended until further notice, the attitude of the Warriors player is being singled out more than ever by observers.

Thus, a former superstar wanted to release his four truths regarding the management of the franchise regarding this matter.

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The more the years go by, the more the problems pile up for Draymond Green.

Whether it’s his numerous quarrels with other players or his borderline trash-talking and his physical attacks on his opponents, the bad boy label of the league clearly sticks to the skin of the Warriors’ interior.

And yet, it’s not for lack of trying to calm down this madman.

Even if the decisions of the highest NBA authorities are sometimes considered too lax, the 2017 DPOY has been in the crosshairs of league officers for a long time.

Recently, following his punch on Jusuf Nurkic, the Bad Boy was even suspended indefinitely. That said, a certain Kevin Garnett preferred to attack the player’s frankness in the management of this file, on his podcast:

The Warriors too scared to calm down Draymond Green?

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After what happened recently, someone just needs to sit down and yell at Draymond Green.

I’m not saying he has to be perfect, but he can clearly improve his behavior.

When you see someone doing this type of thing, as an organization you have to step up… I think they’re afraid to go and talk to him and be frank. They are scared of this man.

According to the Hall of Famer, the Warriors are far from blameless in this matter, and would be too afraid to speak honestly to Draymond Green.

Loyal to Golden State, the All-Star has been the subject of countless controversies over the years.

Consequently, the former Wolves wanted to lecture the Californian organization, and it seems that a large part of Internet users are allying themselves with him.

KG is right. No one in the organization has enough courage to talk to Draymond and get him to stop.

They could have done it in 2016, in 2019, in 2020, in 2022, after all the drama it caused, but now it is too late.

This team is finished. The damage caused by Draymond will never be repaired.

Naturally, criticism is raining down on Draymond Green because of his violent behavior.

However, Kevin Garnett went so far as to accuse the Warriors of being complicit. Indeed, the legend criticized the organization for having lacked firmness and honesty in this matter.

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